Friday, August 29, 2008

$ 6,000 Guaranteed!

Welcome to "For Better RTA's weblog." This blog was created, so that we Referring Travel Agents can become Better RTA's. I am excited to share with you the Value and Benefits of being a (RTA).
I am excited to share you with my good & bad times, with My Company! YES! the GOOD & the BAD! We have our good days, and our bad days, but most of us learn from both - and press on! Besides, we have the opportunity to "travel for pennies on the dollar" make money & having fun!"

If you are not a RTA, and you are just browsing - WELCOME! Make sure to thank the person, who thought enough of you to share with you - Once you are done reading this blog call them and Get Started Today!

Making Money & Having Fun...
One of the reasons I started my Travel Business (almost two years ago, WOW that was quick!) was the $6,000 Guarantee it offers. I've tried quite a few things, nothing came with a guarantee. I immediately knew that If my company offered a guarantee, I would make money and or have fun trying to make money! My company $6,000 guarantee states that within your first 2 years as a RTA/REP give out 25 magazines within 12 Months! It just sounded too easy, and it was! I signed up and ordered my magazines right away. I could not wait to get my hands on those magazines! I knew that people love magazines. I recall sitting in my Doctors office, getting my hair done, or reading magazines at work. I love to read and magazines are so appealing, and very informative.

Following the Magazine program requires some activity, maybe 5 minutes a day. Yes, that's all it takes! Most Guarantees are based on "productivity." $6,000 guarantee is based on "activity".

I thought BIG, I knew that I could give away 25 magazines at my Church, Chamber of Commerce, College events. I clearly saw that this "activity" could be done in less than 2 hours EVERY MONTH. However, I choose to give out 1 a day at the Grocery store, the Gas station, Work, my sons Day Care Center. Giving out 1 magazine a day allowed me to follow up with my prospect in a timely fashion. Yes, the "fortune is in the follow up." I wanted to know what they liked best about the magazine? Or if they had a chance to view the DVD! Then I would edify my Power Team Leader - Althea Thomas, and get them on the phone with her! She was the expert, she had more knowledge, also its best to use validation. If I did not get to the follow up quick enough, my Power Team Leader backed me up every time. Just by following that simple "activity" I personally sponsored 21 people, I am a Power Team Leader, "Coach's Corner Mentor, Soon to pick up a $10,000 Dream bonus, on my way to National Director! I never planned to sponsor anyone, the Success Magazine worked like magic!

Yes, I followed the Success magazine program and before I realized it....I made well over $6,000! I continue to purchase my magazines, because I understand the value of exposing my Business. The Success Magazine, "tell the story for you". If you are a new RTA and you "think" that you do not know enough about your business, use your tools-Company Presentation , DVD, Magazines, Conference Calls, Meetings, just to name a few. Or if you are like me and want to give everyone a chance to travel for less, make money, have fun, conference them on this 2 min brief overview 512-404-1250 press 1. If you never thought to follow the magazine program I hope this post enlightens you! Let's get out of our "comfort zone" and do something different! We are all "Learning, Earning and having FUN!" Remember, this magazine could be the quickest way to expose your Travel Business! People LOVE Magazines!

168% Return on Investment Guaranteed !

Assuming you never sponsor a single person.
-$499.90 ~ One-Time Signup Fee + First Month
-$549.45 ~ 11 Months Website ($49.95 x 11)
-$1,188.80~ 25 Magazines per Month ($99 x 12)
Total = $2,237.35
+$6,000 ~ Check from YTB after 12 Qualifying Months
$3762.65 ROI Guaranteed Profit!

Take advantage of one of the ways that, you can make money during your first year with my company! Will $6,000 help your family, church, your organization? Would you like to use the $6,000 Guarantee as a Fundraiser for your Business, organization, family reunion?
Let me know what are your thoughts, leave a comment.
All the best!
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