Friday, October 31, 2008

Twick or Tweet?

Twitter is the newest phenomenon social networking tool on the Internet for anyone. What does that mean? Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? It means you have a new social site to meet and interact with new people. Its a network marketers dream. My friend, there is a twist that makes it fun! Instead of a blog post like this. You have to answer one question. "What are you doing?" To make it more interesting, you must answer that question in 140 characters or less. This includes, commas, periods, spaces and more. These are called Tweets, the people that follow you are called Tweeples.

If you are using twitter to market your business, make sure to answer the question "What are you doing? eg: Reviewing "Romantic Tours of Italy" travel pkgs: . Your Tweeples may click on the link, bookmark, purchase, or contact you. This is a sure way to get traffic to your websites, and build relationships. I suggest that you use search for twitters based on key words such as travel, health, marketing, social sites, Internet marketing, cruises, and also based on locations abroad, and your local area. I choose to follow my competitors as well. Twitter is almost like ESP:)

I'll give you a final hint: Give Freebies to your followers! They twove it! eg: Welcome new Tweeples Get a 3/2 night Hotel Accommodations:

You can tweet to me at

If you like my Twitter page, and would like the same or similar background. Tweet She gives awesome service, very pleasant, and before you realize it she'll have your Twitter background ready in tweet seconds!

Below are other websites that interact with Twitter -The Twitter Grade measures the relative power of a Twitter user. It is calculated as a percentile score. My grade is a 92 ( I have to work on that). this means means that my scores are higher than 92 percent of the other user profiles that have been graded. The more you Twitter, the higher your score gets! - This is a search engine that looks alot like Google. Search for friends, neighbors, people with similar interests, the same business etc. this is alot of fun. Keep up with the latest on the elections. This was real fun during the debates! A place to upload your photos. I haven't figured out how to work it yet! - This is suppose to be a place to use when when its too long to tweet, but too short to blog. Just put it on the TwitWall . With TwitWall, you can embed your favorite videos and widgets, upload photos and more. - Ready to get a better Twitter background going? Go ahead and download the files below and construct your own Twitter background. I have yet to do that. - Keep your Twitter stream ticking over with new tweets even when you're not in front of your computer. Or, use it as your personal reminder system.
PLUS... Send automated thank you notes to new followers, and automatically follow new followers, if you choose to do so. Schedule future-dated tweets! - Looking for more people to follow? Twubble can help expand your Twitter bubble—it searches your friend graph and picks out people who you may like to follow. - helps you manage your Twitter contacts.
Submit your Twitter screen name to find out who you're following that's not following you back, and who's following you that you're not following back. -This is a good site to use during the Holidays. Today we are tweetering Helloween icons... oops I meant Halloween icons! You'll see that I've had a lot of fun today with this site is a simple service that makes updating your social networks a snap. - twhirl is a desktop client for social software such as Twitter, Friendfeed,, or seesmic.

Twitterrific - is a fun application that lets you both read and publish posts or "tweets" to the Twitter community website. The application's user interface is clean, concise and designed to take up a minimum of real estate on your Mac's desktop. - Free Social Media Marketing Kit with Video and EBook. Learn How to Leverage Social Media for Your Business with this Social Media Marketing Kit. - Twitter lets you find out what your friends are doing in whatever way makes the most sense for you. Check out these downloads for other ways to send and receive Twitter Updates. - Qwitter e-mails you when someone stops following you on Twitter with a message. - Twitter alerts! TweetBeep is like Google Alerts for Twitter! Put in a keyword or website, and get emails when others tweet it! - Twitter Keys is a small tool, which provides you with a floating window with all these funny symbols you can use in Twitter. - Multi Account Management for multiple twitter accounts , Corporate users, and brand monitor. All your Twitter accounts in one place, follow your contact's tweets easily, monitor your brand & reply

I will always update this post to assist in making your twittering fun! Hope you will visit again!

Look on the ride side panel of this blog and see my latest Tweets. This is a great way to meet people and network with other business owners.

Twick or Tweet!

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When Obama Wins

I normally do not discuss or share anything political. Some Politicians Over-Promise and Under-Deliver. Was that too harsh? Although, Some things are out of their control such as our "money." I believe we should learn "how to print our OWN money"

I received this in a email, and could not stop laughing at how creative people can be. I decided to replace "those people" with Democrats and Republicans. Hope this bring a little sense of humor too this tensed election!

Here it is....Hope it's not too offensive:)

After watching the final debate the other night, it dawned on me that Obama could actually win this thing. If that happens, there will be alot of people (some of our co-workers included) who will be afraid that an Obama presidency will usher in the end of days.

Republicans will be watching us on November 5th (the day after the election) for signs of the endtimes. To keep the peace and keep a lot of folks from getting nervous, I think we should develop a list of acceptable celebrations and behaviors we should probably avoid - at least for the first few days:

1. No crying, hugging or shouting "Thank you Lord" - at least not in public

2. No high-fives - at least not unless the area is clear and there are no witnesses

3. No laughing at the McCain/Palin supporters

4. No calling in sick on November 5th. Republicans will get nervous if too many Democrats don't show up. (Try to be on time and not the normal - late)

5. We're allowed to give Democrats knowing winks or nods in passing. Just try to keep from grinning too hard.

6. No singing loudly, We've come this Far By Faith (it will be acceptable to hum softly)

7. No barbeque ribs or fried chicken for lunch in the company lunchroom for at least a week (no chittlings at all) (this may make us seem too ethnic)

8. No leaving kool-aid packages at the water fountain (this might be a sign that poor folks might be getting a break through)

9. No Cupid Shuffle or Electric Slide during breaks (this could indicate a little too much excitement)

10. Please no Moving on Up music (we are going to try to remain humble)

11. No doing the George Jefferson dance (unless you're in your office with the door closed)

12. Please try not to yell----BOOOO YAH!

13. Just in case you're wondering, Doing the Running Man, cabbage patch,or a backhand spring on the highway is 100% okay.

If I've missed anything feel free to add to the list. I just want to make sure we're all on the same page when Obama wins the election November 5th.

Now go get your early vote on and let's make this thing happen!!!

Author Unknown

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Empowering Passion

Is there something you desperately need? Your sense of desperation and your need will work against you, and will make it even more difficult to attain what you're after.

By very definition, whatever you need you do not have. When you continually reinforce the idea that you do not have something, you continually push that thing away from yourself.

Replace your desperate need with a passionate desire. That will frame your situation in a much more positive, powerful perspective.

With desperation, you feel like giving up. With passion, on the other hand, you create the energy to move decisively forward.

With need, you feel an emptiness that drains your every moment. With desire, you constantly motivate yourself to create fulfillment.

Let go of your needs, for they will only keep you needy. Replace them with positive desires, and feel the empowering passion that will make those desires happen.

-- Ralph Marston

Did this post help, or enlighten you? Do you feel indifferent or the same? Leave a comment.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Are You a Slave To Your Company?

Along my journey, I meet distributors that are totally brainwashed by their company. They speak as if they are preaching a sermon. Now, there are some great Companies, and there are some that simply brainwash their members. If its a good sermon, they'll have my attention. However, most of the time I would rather fall asleep.

Its not a pretty sight either. Imagine me snoring away in my seat in the second row and the person trying to convince the "non believers" (the prospects attending) how their company is the next best thing since sliced bread.

Don’t be a slave to your Company.

Be sure, you are with the company you are representing because something somewhere spoke to your heart. Maybe it was the stories you heard, the person you were dealing with or even a great product result you experienced, maybe its the system.

Whatever it is that brought you into the folds of your current company, don’t forget that it isn’t the company that makes the success it is people! It is the system. Most people do know the difference between greed, or simply helping others get what they want.

So for the sake of those who are finally, searching for something during these times let’s stop preaching our Company to the world. Stop waving the flag!

Because if we preach, the world will stop listening.

Don’t get me wrong here, I think it is essential that you believe in the products you are trying to market, but that should be it as far as devotion goes. Start to believe in yourself instead and believe that the system drives the people, it has nothing to do with the company itself.

My friend, companies put up glamorous events, parties, competitions and all. Let's stop for a moment and see this for what it really is?

Does your Company have a duplicatible system? I hear you yelling "Sure we do". How many members actually done what you've done? How many members are following the system?

Most Companies do not have a patent educational system. Most members are all over the place trying to solve the puzzle. I am approached daily with "The Famous" question... "Sharnese, what's the secret?" I used to say keep showing up, keep charging. Although, that plays a big part, the secret is "The System."

I am so grateful today, to have found a duplicatible, patent, educational/training system that can be used for all businesses.

Take a look at what you've been doing, to build your Company. Albeit, you have/are generating leads, chasing prospects, advertising, hosting parties, hosting/attending meetings, recruit, recruit, recruit. Is that Time and Financial Freedom? Do you really want to do that for the rest of your life?

Do not be a Slave to your Company. Find a system, that assist you with creating Lifetime Partners and Customers.

Provide feedback, tell me what your system do for you and your members? Leave a comment.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

News From The Directors Meeting

Many of you know that there was a Directors meeting at the Home Office this past Monday and Tuesday, and we wanted to take the time share with you some of the key points that were shared with us. YTB has been challenged, changed, & we are now charging. We've been challenged by critics, news media, and the internet.

It may not surprise you that the situation in California has actually made YTB a better company. We've made what looked like a lemon in August and turned it into some very cool lemonade. YTB looked at everything we do as a company for the last 3 months to make it bulletproof for our futures, many decisions were made for the framework of what you've already seen in our First Class Training and will see in the days and weeks to come with some of the new features and tools that will be rolled out in the coming days, weeks and months.

Up to now, we've done a good job of selling the REP opportunity, but not the RTA opportunity and that changes today. YTB is making a clear & separate distinction between the 2 positions in our company and have already seen a greater focus on the RTA side of our business. If you have not taken the First Class Training as yet, we encourage you to do so, and you will see a very clear distinction in our focus on being either an Affiliate, and RTA, and our upcoming opportunity to drop the "R" and become a Travel Agent with YTB.

A brand new 19 minute DVD was unveiled about what a person is buying as an affiliate. The main focus is why our product is worth buying and makes it a real business. ($50 for 50 or $1 per DVD) You'll take a 10 minute break, then play a 10 minute Marketing DVD, and all you have to do is close. The DVD will be available by the end of this week in the back office and there will also be a PowerPoint version for those who like to do live presentations.

In addition we have a brand new incentive for those who want to book travel! You all know about the $5000 bonus for you as a Power Team Leader, but what about adding a $5000 bonus for the person who actually produced the bookings? There will be a 10 minute "Flash Presentation" by end of week (replaces presentation on website) which of course is produced by James Tackett.

We are now up to a 94% delivery rate on ATM last 2 months, with the new profiles that will be available the ATM will be customized by zip code. (It's called Target Marketing!) We encourage everyone to get people signed up on the Deals and Steals marketing program and watch how this marketing increases your travel bookings. Furthermore, to entice your friends, family and friends they can enter into a Monthly Sweepstakes for incredible trips. The beta testing is also going very well in Canada. The new Booking Engine rolling out in next 2-3 weeks here in the US and YTB Exclusive Deals to be huge in the future. James Tackett our new Marketing Chief also introduced things to come:

Video that teaches a new person "what they bought"
Have a "Carnival Type Night" sale promotion Every Month
Virtual Red Carpet
Video Welcome to The RiverHouse
Monthly Travel Show - Travel Channel Style
Compensation Plan Flash Video
Director Showcase featuring different Directors
Niche market Flash Videos
$6000 Guarantee Video
3rd Party Tax Video
Profiles on Successful Travel Heroes in our business

There is so much going on behind the scenes - Treat this like Its your FIRST DAY. YTB IS going down - DOWN IN HISTORY as the best Marketing and Travel Company in the history of Network Marketing! We'll be here long after all the others are gone! The economy is perfect for us! YTB has invested $30 million in last 30 months, & OUTSIDE ALL PROBLEMS, that we don't owe a dime on! YTB has paid out $17 Million to Directors so far and we've double our travel production with Carnival this year. We are still growing and moving forward, with or without you. It's a brand new day at YTB! We know WHAT to do. We just need to refocus & GO DO IT! Start over Every Monday Morning!


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Monday, October 13, 2008

Making Healthy Decisions While Traveling

Making healthy decisions while traveling can be one of the most difficult things to do in your life. However, if you learn how to make smart choices, a healthy choice is really not that difficult. Although, this is probably not the best time in which to start a healthy diet, but if you are currently making healthy choices in your foods already, modifying your decisions slightly to accommodate travel is not as it first may seem.

If you are traveling by airplane, you will still be able to make a healthy choice. It may have to include airplane food, which can often be poor for your health, depending on the selection. When you book your flight, ask about your food options. You may want to request vegetarian dishes. Vegatarian dishes are sometimes more nutritional in this case, but it really depends on what they will be serving. If you can, eat a larger meal before your flight so that you don’t have to eat the entire meal that is served, to feel full. Drink plenty of water. Water will also make you feel full.

When driving or taking a bus, you may be tempted to stop at fast food restaurants and eat the foods found there. Avoid this whenever possible! Prepare a carry on bag with fresh fruit, grains, of vegatables, and plenty of water. If you’re on vacation, you may wish to splurge a tiny bit, but having fast food more than one during a week can really be bad for your health. If you must, choose the healthiest options available, like chicken breasts and water or juice.

Also, remember that you can take your own food when traveling. Carrying a loaf of whole-wheat bread, pita wraps, crackers, some lean lunchmeat, and low-fat cheese in a cooler is a great way to avoid high-fat and high-cholesterol junk food meals. This will also assure that you are making a healthy decision while Traveling.

Lastly, make smart choices when you eat out. If you choose salads or pasta get the dressing on the side and ask about low-carb options. In fact, many places print these options directly in the menu for the health-conscious people. Control your portions by ordering lunch menu sizes or splitting the meal in half and getting a doggie bag, and you’ll be well on your way to healthy eating, even away from home.

Yes, eating healthy foods when you travel can be a challenge. However, your health is worth it. When you eat healthy foods, you will also fight illnesses that you are likely to encounter when traveling and you will be more alert. Making Healthy decisions while traveling will also help you so that you can enjoy your vacations.

I Hope you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Should Leaders Follow on Twitter?

Twitter has become the fastest phenomenon on the Internet. Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

My friend, sent me a message through Twitter. She suggested that, I should not follow everyone that's following me. She implied, "you do not appear to be a leader. "

Well, you decide if you want to appear to be a leader or lead. If you are in Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, Direct Sales or any field that involves recruiting, hiring, prospecting, or sales, you should follow your followers.

What are the advantages of following? You learn what your prospect/customer is thinking. You learn their hobbies, if they are married, have children. You learn what they do for a living. You learn their likes, and dislikes. They will tell you, what they need through tweetering. Do not think that, you will not learn from your followers. To think such thing, is the same as saying, you can't learn anything from a poor man.

You can use Twitter for marketing. What if your follower express a need, or have a question. You may be able to help them through giving them ideas, or pointing them in the right direction. What if you want to come up with a product launch, or new ideas for your business? Your Followers will tell you whats their need or wants.

When you are tweetering, make sure you are having fun. Although, you may work at home or have your own business try to talk about other things that you do. You can share where you traveling too, what you are eating for dinner, if you workout, or what books you like to read. Try not to be all about business, and show that you "take time to smell the roses".

Make sure that whenever you are tweetering, that it appears in the question "What are you doing?" Eg: "I am reading Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. Viewing this website, learning how to make $6,000 guaranteed! Giving away 3 Days, 2 Nights Hotel Accommodations or reading a testimonial about people who lost 7lbs within their first week!"

I find Twitter to be a great relationship building tool. You meet people worldwide, you learn what their life is like. It's as though you are traveling around the world.

Finally, If you are tweetering you may find that you and your follower have a common interest. He/she may want to connect with you outside of Twitter, they may know someone that can use your services or products. Lastly, you make new friends, customers, or business partners. Have fun tweetering!

What are your thoughts? What are the disadvantages of following your followers on Twitter?

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10 Secrets to Success

We are in the last quarter of the year! Start thinking of your New Years Resolution, now. Give yourself a head start. Business is not about being "bigger" but the "fastest." You may want to plan ahead now. Once you have put your goals into practice over 30 days, it becomes a habit.

This year 2008 has bought GREAT things for YTB, we started our first International expansion with Canada, we have more products to offer such as the Hunting and Fishing trips, Travel Wear, and many other awesome Exclusive YTB only TOURS. Soon to be announced: Referring Travel Agents will receive a increase of 10% in travel commissions for our "own" personal travels. That's a total of 70%! You must attend First Class Training so that you will qualify for the increase! YTB gets better with time.

Below are the 10 Secrets to Success from Investor's Business Daily, these are traits you can learn, we are NOT born with them. Yet you will have to make them a life habit if you want to Time and Financial Freedom.

IBD’s 10 Secrets to Success

Investor’s Business Daily has spent years analyzing leaders and successful people in all walks of life. Most have 10 traits that, when combined, can turn dreams into reality. Each day, focus on one.

1. How you think is everything: Always be positive. Think success, not failure. Beware of a negative environment.

2. Decide upon your true dreams and goals: Write down your specific goals and develop a plan to reach them.

3. Take action: Goals are nothing without action. Don’t be afraid to get started now. Just do it.

4. Never stop learning: Go back to school or read books. Get training and acquire skills.

5. Be persistent and work hard: Success is a marathon, not a sprint. Never give up.

6. Learn to analyze details: Get all the facts, all the input. Learn from your mistakes.

7. Focus your time and money: Don’t let other people or things distract you.

8. Don’t be afraid to innovate; be different: Following the herd is a sure way to mediocrity.

9. Deal and Communicate with people effectively: No person is an island. Learn to understand and motivate others.

10. Be honest and dependable; take responsibility: Otherwise, Numbers 1-9 won’t matter.

Once you decide to master those 10 traits you will be on your way to Time and Financial Freedom.

Share with me how are you prepared and positioned to take advantage of Time and Financial Freedom?

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