Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finally, Targeted Internet Advertising by Zip Code and Interest Level

What is Local Ad Link?

The easiest and most affordable way to connect Local Business with Local Consumers. It is affordable and a local solution to the online marketplace. Lets face it, for the small business owner, home based business owner the advertising marketplace has changed. We have the solution and you can profit being first to market with this new technology. Go to any search engine type in "Manhattan travel" If Jamie entered your zip code for his campaign, he will get all the traffic, and customers in your area. If you do not see Jamie ad, he is not dominating your area so therefore you are ahead. Make a decision, to get ahead of your competition now! Log onto who do you see? Your local business that have already began to advertise through Local Ad Link.

Many local business may have a website, but most have no clue how to generate traffic to it. Most business will fail because of little or no advertising. We provide the solution to the problem for millions of small businesses, home based business owners by giving them a web presence at half the cost with more power and features. We will provide you with all of the information you need to make an educated decision. Don't wait to launch your Local Ad Link business; it could be the most important financial decision that you make in your lifetime. Start with the videos below then review the links above and get back with us so we can show you how this can change the way you advertise in a big positive way.

Watch Local Ad Link in Action

What Makes Us Different?

  • We provide you with a complete mini website. Not only with complete Business Details, but with Google map driving directions, Coupons, Pictures and even Video.
  • We host it on
  • We Geo-Target your listing by Zip Code and Interest Level of the viewer.
  • We then Push your ad out to over 150 of Highest Traffic Websites like Cnn, Youtube, Myspace, Gmail, FaceBook and the like.
  • We also get you up very high on 109 search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, and Msn
  • Coming Soon: your ad will be seen on Millions of sites because of our e-commerce solution with I-Supply.

What would it cost you to advertise on the most popular, and high traffic websites?

  • With our Geo-Targeting of zip codes and Interest level you can now be seen on websites that your customers are viewing.
  • Keywords on the page are correlated to the keywords in your ad.
    The relevant Local Ads are displayed on your future customers browser.

Would you like to be on the top of the Search engines?

  • We push your Ad out to all 109+ search engines.
  • We link all Ads back to Local Ad Link so you share in the popularity of our whole Ad Network so you get very high placement and usually the first page.
  • Others are currently paying hundreds and some, thousands of dollars for this on just one search engine like Google

How does it work?
Local Ad Link uses geo-targeting technology which determines the physical location of a web site visitor and delivers different content to that visitor based on his or her location.

Local Ad Link and The Internet
The revolutionary part of LocalAdLink is that we take your business listing and push it out onto the web. What does this mean for you? Well, we're not just sitting back and waiting for people to visit LocalAdLink, we are pro-actively pushing your listing out through our partner web sites. Your listing can be seen on some of the most popular web sites, search engines, and social networks in America. Some of these include Goggle, Yahoo, MSN, AOL,, Earth link, YouTube, GMAIL,, Napster,, Redbook,,, MySpace, LinkedIn, Friendster, Bebo, Hi5, Orkut, MiGente and BOOMj. But the best part is by using our geo-targeting software, your ad is only shown to people in your area which ensures you get the most value for your advertising dollar.

How Do I Get Started?
Be the first in your area and maximize your website traffic! Click on "Get In Now" Much success to you! I commend you for marketing your business.

Start 2009 with marketing your business the right way. I would love to read your thoughts, leave a comment.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Twitter By The Sea

BIG event hitting Twitter and you are invited!
Themed Cruise For Bloggers, Social Media, WAHMS, Inspirational Speakers, recently added by demand Network Marketers.

Special thanks to my twitter friends @perrybelcher for Giving the Cruise it's Title, also @Sugarkisses and @1stopmom for requesting a Bloggers Cruise! I am excited to announce that we are planning a Themed Cruise for 2009 in August (may change, based on demand). Itinerary for the Cruise will be tweeted and posted on my blog and (coming soon) on or by January 10, 2009. Check back for updates!

We have been tweeting surveys, gathering information, and looking for Twitter friends that would like to participate. We have been asking questions such as

1. Who are your favorite Bloggers?
2. What blogger would you love to meet?
3. Would you like to learn how to blog?
4. Would you like to be a Guest Speaker?
5. Would you like to attend a Social Media Cruise?
6. Would you like to attend a WAHM Cruise?
7. Would like to become a WAHM?
8. Who inspires you on Twitter?

9. Which Motivational Speaker would you like to meet?

We received several emails, DM'S, and retweets from Twitter friends such as @TexasSnowman, @Conniegreen, @PlusSizeMommy, @dalesio, @CathyBend, @hotchoccarmocha, @PamEvans, bunnies28, tamerrashdan, aceconcierge, Vhutchisoncoach, @craftymamaof4, @noraburns, @saranw, @denyseduhaime @carogonza, @leahita @sketoaks We appreciate the overwhelming responses, and DM's (emails) regarding Cruise ideas, wanting to learn more info, wanting to participate, and sharing your favorite Bloggers, Social Media, and WAHMS.

Me and my Twitter friends are hoping to meet
@perrybelcher, @momversation, @WarrenWhitlock, @scobleizer @chrispirillo, @paintermommy, @drmommy, @thedailyblonde, @cgccoach, @coachkaren, @WillieCrawford, @sundaycosmetics, @Marriage_Zone, dcrblogs, @incslinger on the cruises. Can you imagine meeting Tweeples that are supportive, creative, and powerful key players on the internet? We also have another guest, who we are trying to get on Twitter, he is known Worldwide Best selling author of several books. We will announce him soon. Check back for updates!Let's make it happen in 2009! Thanks too @thedailyblonde, @paintermommy, @perrybelcher, for all the work they have already contributed! Looking forward to having you as Guest speakers!

My friends, here are the updates for the Cruise request.

We are still gathering information, preparing surveys, and waiting for confirmations from our invited guest speakers! We are having fun planning the cruise. Here are the destinations we are considering Jamaica, or Bermuda leaving Departures will be from either New York, NY or Florida. The Cruise line will be Carnival. There is an overwhelming response for Hawaii! However, we are trying to stay within 6 Days and 5 Nights. Destinations, and departures may change based on the demand of our fellow Tweeples request. Not in the United States? Plan your vacation around your business trips to the U.S. and welcome aboard! Please come back and view this blog for updates!

We would like to give back to our fellow Tweeples travel accommodations! *$0 for the cost of the cabin! Yes, our promoters, and guest speakers, coordinators will cruise for a fraction of the cost. Example: *Sell 15 cabins to receive cabin credit. More details on our conference calls (number will be emailed to you) I will cover the cost of the cabin, you will only pay taxes, surcharges, and port fees! What away to take a lovely vacation, meet your fellow Tweeples, learn, network, and see the world!

All details will be in upcoming post. Please continue to give feedback, retweet, and get your Blogger, Social Media, WAHM, Inspirational, Humor, Network Marketers Tweeples involved!

**Hashtag for the event: #TwitterCruise
**Follow @TweetThisCruise

We are shooting for
  • Promoters who will promote the Cruise (flyers, websites, blogs etc.)
  • Six Guest speakers (based on demand)
  • 3 Coordinators/helpers

Once you have made the decision to participate, please email your profile Subject: #TwitterCruise

  1. Copy the HTML below the "Twitter By The Sea" button located on the right panel, paste it on your blogs and or website.
  2. Copy the HTML below the "Book Now" button located on the right panel, paste it on your blogs and or website. "Book Now" button coming soon
  3. Post about the event on your own blog. Please include the link to your post in your comment.
  4. Fill out the survey on the right panel of this blog.
  5. Leave a comment with your name, email, and the position you want to participate in.
  6. Tweet your heart out. Let other Tweeples on Twitter know about the fun event! Please use the **hashtag, #TwitterCruise in your tweets.
  7. Email for details (once completed steps 1-6)

You're next!

If you would like to participate, click on the comment link enter your name and URL, start working on steps 1 through 7. Thank you, for your participation!

Not chosen to participate? You're still involved! We will be sharing numerous resources, comedy, inspiration. Hmmm... what is your most embarrassing moments as a WAHM? Did your child do something wrong that you couldn't help but laugh at? What techniques you use to gain the support of your spouse, while working your WAHM business? What are the best templates, platforms, plug-ins for blogging? What are the best SEO Tactics.....You never know... might be something fun or learning experience in it for you!

Would you like to offer a giveaway for this fun filled event? If you would like to sponsor a giveaway, please leave a comment or send a email to with **hashtag, "#TwitterCruise Sponsor" in the subject. We are accepting giveaways for everyone in mind - Bloggers, Social Media experts, WAHM, Network Marketers! Please include your Twitter URL eg:

Hope that you join us! Can't Join us? Receive a Travel Giveaway, Once you Grab the Button to the upper right panel!

  1. Grab the button
  2. Post button to your website or blogs
  3. Leave a comment with your Link and email address along with your choice of one Travel Voucher ie: Cruise, Companion airfare, or Hotel Accommodations
If you are not on Twitter and would like to participate register for Twitter and follow me for updates

Happy Tweetering!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

10 Ways To Market Your Business

Imagine that you recently started your business, how are you going to get your products to the market? Who knows about your business? You, your spouse and God. Most business fail within the first five years because of little or no marketing.

I strongly suggest that when you start a business, write a list of methods to use to market your business. Narrow it down to two methods that you are comfortable with, and another method that you are not. Yes, you will need to get out of your comfort zone, try a method that you are uncomfortable with. I suggest that you use three to five methods during the first year, and every year thereafter incorporate another method to market your business. Once you've made it to the fifth year, you will have at least seven methods to use for your marketing campaigns. Marketing is crucial for any business.

Here are ten methods I am currently using to market my business
  1. Word of Mouth
  2. Blogging
  3. Voice blogging
  4. Placing online ads
  5. Member of Social sites
  6. Exchanging Business cards
  7. Hosting House Parties
  8. Email Campaigns
  9. Attending the Big events
  10. Requesting Referrals

I receive tons of emails asking me how I made it to the different postitions in my business, now you have a list! Choose two methods and master them, then move forward. Try the free methods first, but quickly invest in your business. If you are on the go, use the word of mouth method and exchange business cards. Passing out your business cards, will not drive traffic to your sites or bring you business. However, when you exchange business cards your are opening the door for communication with your prospect or customer.

Albeit, if you outsource your work you will become more productive. Outsourcing is essential to your business, it allows you to focus on the desired results. My friend, I know what you're thinking..."I do not have the money to outsource." When you attended college, did you invest in books, education? Invest in your business and educating yourself about your business. Imagine that someone is doing all the work for you, while you are spending time on taking your business to the next level. What would outsourcing do for your business? It will help you become more productive, and make more money. Yes, you should outsource all or most of the marketing methods whether you are on the go or work at home mom.

Here is the newest method I am using, voice blogging. Snapvine brings voice and mobility to social networks. Using the Snapvine Voice Player, Voice Blog, or Talking Photo, users are able to safely communicate -- in their own voices -- with their online communities. Once, you've decided on a Topic it's simple, takes only five minutes a day to set up and maybe five minutes to draw traffic. It allows you to connect with your prospects/customers. First set up a application such as is a simple service that makes updating your social networks a snap. Try it set up your accounts today, and market your business. I will discuss the do and don'ts to marketing your business in upcoming post. Until then, get your marketing plan together, set up your accounts, and do not wave the flag of your company. Focus on marketing yourself first, and helping others.

While marketing your business remember to give great content, offer value, drive traffic, and monetize last. Do not try and sell your products first, it does not work online or offline. Think about the last time you had buyers remorse, or how you were sold on something you really did not need or want? Find out your prospects/customers needs and wants. Although, there are many methods to use in marketing your business, start planning now. What marketing methods are you using, or will start using and why? Please leave a comment. Happy marketing!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Better Than I thought!

What can you do to tap into a $7 trillion dollar industry? Start your own Travel Agency! Take two minutes to listen to a overview 512-404-1250 press 1 or view a 20 min presentation to hear more!

My friend I want to share with you, what my millionaire mentors have shared with me two years ago. I made a choice two years ago to buy money, instead of things. It was the best decision ever. What are you going to do for your family future? The Holidays are coming upon us, 98% of Americans WILL buy things. 2% of Americans will BUY money.

Start your business this year, and change your situation by doing something different. Two years ago, I was tired of doing the same things and getting the same results. I decided to do something different, today I am a full time mom! Helping people just like you towards time and financial freedom! It all starts with you making a commitment to do something different. Learn how to travel the world in style, for a fraction of the cost. If you knew for certain that within 2 years you would be able to fire your boss, making $30,000 a month would you take a look? Listen to the overview or view the company presentation, contact me right away so that I can help you get started today!

Holiday Special 'Tis better than I thought!

Now through January 10, 2009, We are offering two incredible packages just for you!
This holiday season, do something special for yourself—Become a travel site owner at
an unbelievable price! RTA Special
- (A $748.80 Value) For only $499.90, you can become a Referring Travel Agent and reap the rewards:

Personalized travel booking engine
• Four powerful niche sites including Golf, Romance, Outdoors and Flowers
• The $49.95 monthly web site hosting fee is waived for your second and third months* (A $99.90 Value)
• Complimentary access to First Class Training (A $149 Value)
Earn 70% of the commission paid to our company for every sale made on your site**

To take advantage of the RTA Special, go to your sponsor’s web site and click Join Now! Follow the prompts, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Referring Travel Agent!
*First month’s web site hosting fee is included in the $499.90.
**To earn 70% of the commission paid to our company you must successfully complete First Class Training. Until completion, you will only earn 60% of the commission paid to our company.

Affiliate Special

If you’re not quite ready to be an RTA, consider this package. You get several of the great benefits but without the added cost.
For only $250, you’ll receive:
• Personalized travel booking engine
• Four powerful niche sites including Golf, Romance, Outdoors and Flowers
• Your first month’s web site hosting fee is waived (A $49.95 Value)
• Earn 30% of the commission paid to for every sale made on your site
• Ability to upgrade and earn 60% of the commission paid to for an additional $250

Go to your sponsor’s web site and click on Coach’s Christmas Specials. Once there, input your information into the form and a corporate team member will contact you shortly to set up your personalized travel booking engine. Can’t wait for a call? You can call us! Just dial (618) 655-9477 and push option number five to speak with a live agent. Home Office Support Team Hours Monday – Friday 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. CST

Your sponsor: Sharnese LaNier 910-794-5761

Call me today! Let me take you by hand and support, train, coach, and mentor you to time and financial freedom!