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Are you Anti-Social?

Social networking is all about sharing valuable content and making friends. We as human beings are social creatures. "Web 2.0 is a way to build credibility and make your personality known be consistently ‘alive’ and ‘in the now’ on the Internet. You can also accumulate more backlinks and subsequently more traffic to your sites.

Teenagers and adults mostly use social networking sites. There are now niche social networking sites, which target people who share common interests like parenting or investing. In addition to teenagers and adults, social networks are increasingly becoming used by another group—businesses. That's right, many businesses are now using social networks to advertise in some subtle manner—and then replicate their message through systems that are already available within the social network.

I’ll discuss how to advertise without the in-your-face approach with tact. The most well known social network is MySpace, which membership base is well over one hundred million and it grows daily. If your product or services you are offering has a broad appeal, you may want to use MySpace to market your product, as you will be able to reach the largest crowd quickly.

Now, there are a number of different ways in which you can market your product or services through MySpace. One way is to setup a profile, and then begin adding friends to your list on a daily basis. You can include a direct link to your Social Networking Site, when you send emails. Depending on your goals, you may want to add a personal profile for yourself and then talk about your business/product on your page; or you may want to simply create a profile for your business and use that to market your product or services.

While you can send out bulletins advertising your product or services through MySpace, this is generally discouraged by the Myspace staff which could lead to you getting banned. It is probably a good idea to avoid this; instead, post related bulletins that don't advertise your product, but talk about something similar. This will drive interested visitors to your page, where they can learn more about the product or services you are offering. Note however, that you will have to use your domain or link to a non-affiliate page, as affiliate links are forbidden on MySpace.

Once you have had some experience marketing to the MySpace crowd, you will want to consider looking at other social networking sites. One other fastest growing phenomenon site is Twitter. Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co-workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? Facebook is another large social networking site, which caters specifically to college and high school students. You will also want to look for niche networking sites, such as, or Warrior which will afford you an opportunity to
capture a more targeted audience.

Whichever sites you decide to use, keep the following in mind:

1) Your goal should be to develop a network of people who, first and foremost, share a common interest. For this reason, it is always a good idea to think long term (i.e. don't do things that are going to get you banned). Selling your products or services can always come later. Take the time to read everything that is available, the rules, regulations and protocol, and get a feel for how members interact with one another on the site.

2) When you are ready to talk, always ‘say’ things with a smile; think customer service. Compliment members about themselves. You can do this through visiting their websites or blogs, go through their content, understand what they are all about and praise them for their expertise or knowledge in the subject matter. Now this is only the first part…

3) The second part of your remark offers a benefit for visiting your site in kind, like a free download, or a free vacation voucher. Here is an example: "Hi xxx, I really like the things you write about your travels. You sure travel far and wide. You can receive a 3 day 2 night Hotel Accommodation for two at (of course use your website) Thanks for visiting!"

Sometimes you may not have anything to offer, but just leaving a comment on the other member’s account is good enough to stamp a presence for other future members to come by and take notice of you. You just have to do it consistently. Be active and in the "now".

One thing to bear in mind is you are not going to befriend everyone depending on how you project your image through the avatar (photo) and how you ‘sound’ like through your comments, but you are going to attract a certain type of people who are likely to become repeat visitors to your sites. One very useful tool can help you identify who these people are…

4) This tool is the widget. A widget is a proprietary HTML code offered by the social networking site which you publish on your site and it tracks a variety of data like daily visitor count, which countries or sites visitors are coming from (knowing this can help you tailor content to target specific countries), your most popularly read blog posts, and especially who visits your site. If you keep seeing a "same old" avatar and username who keeps popping up on your site, you’d better pay attention to this visitor because s/he is already paying attention to you! This effect is reciprocal. Write to him/her further to forge a closer relationship, dig deep whenever possible to find out what s/he wants and give him/her the value s/he is looking for. The most straightforward manner is to invite them to an opt-in page on your website, blog, lens or Hub pages. Doing this helps you build relationships, and build your list. Remember, The fortune is in the list.

5) Address your visitors by their names. Simply go to their sites and look for an ‘about’ page or a profile page. You may find both of you share common interests and an opportunity to collaborate from here. Why not comment your Spaniard, or European visitors in their native languages too? You can simply go to Google Translate and translate simple sentences like "thank you for visiting" or "good morning". They will be impressed!

I used to think it would be hard to run your own Web 2.0 domain, but not anymore. You can simply Google "free social networking site script" You can use is a simple service that makes updating your social networks a snap, you can update from anywhere! You can download *Boonex, which is a Free Software that makes it easy to deploy and manage dating sites, social networks, online clubs, or virtual communities. If you’re serious about building relationships, and creating customers, uses services that will allow you to leverage your time while you focus on building your business. For an immediate list of 79 top
social networking sites, check out Jeff Johnson’s list.

* There is ongoing controversy over the use of this software. While the management behind MySpace once declared that their site can detect and remove such usage, still there are few more products coming out. I am unsure of their effectiveness. My next question is: would you be happy adding 100 friends a day instead of 300? There is such a thing as "going overboard". Read the terms and conditions for limits. My last question concerns with targeting: How inclined are your ‘friends’ towards paying attention to you? It’s not just that adder software add friends without sense; more so in a cultural sense, people add friends to chalk up the numbers, then they boast, "Oh, I have 10,000 friends!" Remember, the old-school idea of loving friendship and remain sociable.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Selling or Helping?

It all started 20 years ago....I began my Network Marketing Business in High School. Selling, candy, soda, chips to my fellow classmates. Its was then that I knew, I wanted to be in sales. I sold clothes, jewelry, lotions, insurance, real estate, fragrances. I've tried quite a few entrepreneur ventures with little or no help. Little, did I know that it was leading me to Network Marketing. In Network Marketing you are selling your product to your customers, and you help others decide if they too, want to sell the product.

Wikipedia definition of sales: Academically, selling is thought of as a part of marketing[1], however, the two disciplines are completely different. Sales often forms a separate grouping in a corporate structure, employing separate specialist operatives known as salespeople (singular: salesperson). Selling is considered by many to be a sort of persuading "art". Contrary to popular belief, the methodological approach of selling refers to a systematic process of repetitive and measurable milestones, by which a salesperson relates his or her offering of a product or service in return enabling the buyer to achieve their goal in an economic way.[2]
While the sales process refers to a systematic process of repetitive and measurable milestones, the definition of the selling is somewhat ambiguous due to the close nature of advertising, promotion, public relations, and direct marketing. Selling involves sales which are the pinnacle act of completed of a purchasing activity.

Webster Dictionary, Help: 1: give assistance or support 2: to be of use or benefit.

Listen my friend, Network Marketing is both selling and helping others. Okay, I know what you are thinking, I hate sales. We sell ourselves to our children, our spouse, our boss, our friends everyday. We are not born "sales people" It's a learned behavior, or something that you read which compels you to help others. When you are helping others, you are actually selling yourself.

Here is the scary part... knowing when to sell or assist. When promoting, or advertising your business do you immediately start selling your opportunity? When people inquire about your business do you send them directly to the website, give them a DVD, or magazine? Most people think that its better to get the information in front of the prospect first. What you should focus on, is how can your product or services will help make their lives better? I suggest, get to know the person first. See if they fit in with your team,. Learn if they should qualify for your time, or assistance.

Here are three questions you should ask when qualifying a prospect .
  1. What kind of income would you like to generate in a business of your own?
  2. Other than money, what are you looking for in a business?
  3. In the perfect business, what would your business look like/be?

If they qualify, get the information in front of them right away. Show a sense of urgency, so that they prospect will take a look at what you are offering now. Then ask, what did you like best about the ad, website, conference call (whatever source you directed them too)? If they see a opportunity, they will join. So therefore, help them get started and continue to support and train your prospect. Please remember this, you do not have to sell, people hate to be sold. Prospect sell themselves, once you focus on their needs and wants. Expect to get one yes, out of every ten. You are looking for prospects that are looking for you. Also, do not try to sell your customers the opportunity until they have used your products. Most customers, become a business partner once they have experienced the products.

Here is why, you want to get started helping and not selling right away! Time does not wait for anyone. In fact, the world is moving at a fast pace. Bigger no longer mean better, fast is better. If you separate yourself from others that are selling opportunities, and begin to help others sell themselves, you will grow a big network fast! Furthermore, successful people are quick to make a decision, and slow to quit. You want people who decide now, to change their situation. However, just because a prospect says no to your opportunity it does not mean give up on them. Sometimes, it could money, time or their negative friends or family members. "No's" are bugs on their windshield, help them remove the bug. You can help them focus on their wants and needs. Only then will you have a successful partner or a customer. Continue to give, without any expectations and then you will enjoy time and financial freedom. Learn the art of selling, and help make people lives better!

Please let me know what you think, leave a comment.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Coach Lloyd Tomer Did it Again!

Today, was a awesome day! I now understand why we must stay PLUGGED IN! I am so excited to have listen to the Coach's Mentoring call. Coach Lloyd Tomer, is a Self Made Millionaire, Mentor, and a Visionary. He has been in Network Marketing for 28 years. 28 years! I just thought wow, here's a man that started with less than what I have today- he decided to become a Millionaire. I affectionately, call him the "Coach". All you have to make is a decision, find a mentor, execute a plan, and strategically follow the plan. And you too can become what ever you want to become! JUST DO IT! (I had to borrow the slogan)

YOU can become a Millionaire in under ten short years! If you haven't already you may want to, review the compensation plan. Think back to the last ten years of your life? Did you have a plan? Did your boss offer you a ten year plan, so that you will have Time and Financial Freedom? What are you doing, today that will help you become successful within the next ten years? Some people live day by day, check by check, and based on what other people think. Most people never take the time to map out the next ten years of there life. They are living without a purpose. God did not put us on earth to live mediocre, but to live in Abundance. God streets are made of Gold, he is a God of prosperity! Coach shared 7 ways that we can win. You actually can apply these ways in any business!

7 ways to WIN in any business!
  1. Listen to the Right People

  2. Promote, & Market

  3. Do not quit your Job too soon

  4. Realistic Expectations

  5. Stay at home, Work your business

  6. Do not reinvent the wheel

  7. Be Concern about today

Listen to the Right People. You can listen to the competition, naysayers, media or you can listen to the right people. I struggled for years listening to all the wrong people. Although, I also learned from them (what not to do). I learned that the right people are the individuals who continue to build their own success. Successful people build their families, their homes, their businesses. The right people embrace the competition, not fight against them. Coach, vision, is that someday everybody will make commissions on their own travel needs. Bill Gates was a Visionary. He believed that every desktop will have a computer. Although, we are faced with so many Over-Promising, Under-delivering companies, once you have decided to move forward with a business listen to the right people.

Promote, and market. One of the biggest failure in any business, is using little or no marketing. You must share and tell others about your business. When you start a business, nobody knows but who? You and your spouse. How are you going to make money, without telling others about your products and services? The best form of marketing is word of mouth (and that is free!).You can easily market your business on a daily basis, without trying. You can market your business through listening to others, they will tell you why they need a vacation, why they need to make extra money. Promote and attend the BIG Events! The Big Events are Conventions, Red Carpet Days! Meetings, Travel parties, First Class Training, Super Saturdays. You should also consider attending other people Big events such as hair shows, car shows, fashion shows, sporting events. Those people are your target market- they TRAVEL! Mostly, every Network Marketing company have a Convention. Would it make sense to refer them to your website for their traveling needs?

Do not quit your job too soon. If this is your first time starting a business, you may want to consider keeping your job. A lot of amateur Network Marketers make the mistake of quitting their job. The rule of thumb is once you have earned 3 checks which surpasses your current income, you may want to consider to quit your job. I commend you if you are ready to go full time with your business. However, there's no pressure to quit your job. Do not quit too soon, you may be leaving behind potential National Directors.

Realistic Expectations. Set your goals with deadlines. Yes shoot for the stars! However, be realistic. Rome was not built in one day. You are learning and earning at the same time, and that alone can be hard to do. I received a call from a friend who was concern about the growth of her business. I asked, what are your goals for your business? She never thought to write down her goals. Write down your goals. Example, if you goal is to receive a 50% paycheck match. You need to reach out to your upline he/she will assist you with personally sponsoring three RTA. A Representative, will need to personally sell four Travel Stores. Your goal may be to book three Group Cruises this year. You will need to Find a Vendor and book the Cruises, promote the cruise, get on the travel training calls, take some online travel training in your back office. If it took you a year to reach your Power Team, are you a failure? No! You are successful because you've reached the highest paying position!

Would, you have reached the highest paying position on your job? How much were you paid your first year in College? Did you leave College your first day and become CEO of a your company? You are in a brand new business! if you set your goals, and have realistic expectations you will become a Power Team Leader, Coach's Corner Mentor, a Director! The secret is you must remain active, and keep building your business? Lets say, that you set a realistic goal of ten years, to become National Director (level 6) what's the most that can happen? our company will give you a Million Dollar Bonus! Not a bad ten year plan uh? Thirteen National Directors became Millionaires in under seven years. Whether, its seven years or ten years it sures beats the 40/40 plan. The 40/40 plan is when you spend forty hours every week, and forty years working for someone else. Would, you rather have a seven year plan, or the 40/40 plan? Remember, you can beat half of the people just by showing up! Furthermore, have realistic expectations.

Stay at home, work your business. I learned the hard way. I decided to leave North Carolina and visit my hometown New Jersey. Albeit, I had fun, hosting Travel Parties, attending meetings, CRTA! I met some awesome people! Together we built Rome in one month:) However, it was not duplicatible. You have a home based business, stay at home. No need to run across the Country. You can market online and offline right from the comfort of your home, and still accomplish what you want to do . The Coach never left Illinois, and he became the number one Distributor for A. L. Williams, (Primerica). Besides, the people you leave behind could use your help. They are screaming, "help me get to my Power Team!"

Do not reinvent the wheel. Why spend your time reinventing the wheel? Stand on the shoulders, of the Giants! Model others before you. Others before you, have already found the answers, or your business will not have a plan. Follow the plan, it works. If you follow the plan, you will never have to speak with a stranger. You can help one person, who will help their warm market, which becomes your warm market - through infinity! Be coachable. If you follow the plan, you are not reinventing the wheel.

Be Concern About Today. Do not look for a quick fix. Keep sharing, promoting, marketing your business and set realistic goals. Build your business one brick at a time. What you do today, will determine your success tomorrow. You will find that, in helping one person towards their goal today, will allow you to help a army. Word of mouth advertising spreads like a virus. People never forget, who helped them change their financial situation, who stood by them through the good and the bad times. People will tell their friends, who will tell their friends how knowledgeable, helpful, and supportive you are. Because you were concern about today, you've already helped another generation.

Let me know what you think, leave a comment.

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A Dream is just a Dream. A Goal is a Dream With A Plan and a Deadline - Harvey Mackay

Some of the Worlds Greatest Feats Were Accomplished by People Not Smart Enough to Know They Were Impossible. - Doug Larson

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Time Cruising?

If you are cruising for the first time, there are things you should know before you go!

Here's a list of most commonly questions to help you get ready and ensure "smooth sailing" both before and during your cruise! If your question isn't here, please do not hesitate to email me

For the most current government requirements, please go to:


The Cruise Lines will open an inboard account for bar purchases, soft drinks, souvenirs, to pay for shore excursions, etc, which you can settle by credit card, travelers checks or cash at the end of the cruise. The purser's office will also cash travelers checks for you. In addition, most of the duty-free shops inboard and most shops in port will also cash travelers checks. Most shops in port will accept major credit cards as well as American dollars or travelers checks. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CASH PERSONAL CHECKS ON BOARD THE SHIP.

Most Cruise Lines have a Bursar Office, which offers Foreign Currency. To avoid lines You can also purchase Foreign currency in advance. Save by purchasing foreign currency prior to departure and avoid escalated fees and inflated exchange rates in airports, hotels and banks. Plan ahead to purchase foreign currency. When you plan ahead, you an e-mail will be sent 30 days prior to your departure reminding you to place your order. *Effective April 2, 2005, major credit card companies are now adding a 3% surcharge to all currency purchases made overseas. The charge is added to your regular monthly statement. It's always best to arrive in a country with some of the currency in your pocket. *Referral Travel Agents should purchase foreign currency on your site, so that you will receive the vendors commission.


Tipping with most cruise lines is now included on your on board account. While this makes tipping the proper people more convenient, you may alter these amounts according to your cruise experience in these areas. Your tips will affect these services on your cruise ship: Your Cabin Steward, Waiter and Assistant Waiter. These amount will range from $9.00 to $10.00 per person per day on most cruise lines. On luxury cruise lines these amount may be higher. If you wish to change the amounts either by reducing or adding to your account, you should visit the purser on board your cruise ship. Note: most cruise lines add gratuities to bar tabs. Always check your bills.

Many cruise lines allow you to rent a Tuxedo on board. This will reduce additional packing and you will have a pressed Tuxedo on each formal night of your cruise. Although prices may vary on different cruise lines, the average price is between $75 & $85. This will cover all cruises of 11 days or less. Included on Standard Tuxedo Rental Package are 1 Black Jacket, 1 Pair of Black Pants, 2 White Formal Shirts, 1 Black Cummerbund and Tie Set and 1 Set of Cuff links and Studs. There is also a White Dinner Jacket Package, and a Package for both The Standard Black and White Dinner Jacket Tuxedo's Note: Shoes and Socks are additional.

Rentals are available for the Ladies as well on Celebrity, Holland, Princess and Royal Caribbean. If you are sailing on "back-to-back" cruises (two consecutive sailings of the same ship), then each voyage is considered a separate rental. If you are not sure, ask in advance. Not all Cruise Lines have a "Formal Night". If you cruise often, and would rather be prepared purchase your clothes in advanced.

Ships today are so well stabilized that most of the time you won't notice you are even moving! It's a good idea though to take along some Motion Sickness precaution (follow the directions on the box) as well as aspirin and sunscreen. If you do have a problem on board, all ships have a doctor and a nurse aboard. And be sure not to forget any prescription drugs you are taking. These should be put in your carry-on-luggage. Consult your physician before taking any medication. I strongly recommend Travel Insurance. Travel Insurance provides medical coverage, including coverage for pre-existing medical conditions and financial default. Optional Coverages include Cancel for Any Reason, Cancel for Work Reasons and Medical Evacuation home or to the hospital of choice."

If you are using the cruise line's airfare program, you will affix the luggage tags sent with your cruise documents and check your luggage at the airport. The next time you see it will be in your cabin! There are a few ports where you will need to claim your luggage at the airport--this will be indicated in your cruise documents and, again, call me if you have any questions. If you are flying but NOT using the cruise line's airfare program you still need to affix your cruise line tag but you will need to claim your own luggage at the airport baggage area when you arrive in your port city and take it with you to the port.

If you are driving to the port, you will check your luggage when you arrive at the port, and they will take your bags to your cabin. It's a good idea to check your cabin about 1/2 hour before sailing to be sure your luggage has arrived and to check with your steward or the purser's office if it is not there. They have thousands of bags to deliver to cabins and it does take a while. The most important thing is your luggage tag -- without it, how will they know where to find you?

On the last night of your cruise you will be asked to put your luggage (except your carry-on bags) outside your cabin so that it can be taken to the holding area, and off loaded early the next morning. You will claim your bags in the customs area, don't worry all this will be explained on the ship. It would be a good idea to pack an overnight bag on your cruise.

ROYAL CARIBBEAN (RCL)...888-724-7447
DISNEY (DIS)...888 322 8732

There will be all kinds of "goodies" about this in your cabin when you arrive and prior to sailing is a good time to explore and get your bearings as to where the dining room, gym, lounges etc. are located. There will be a daily program of activities put in your cabin each night for the next day. For first timers I suggest you attend the "shore excursion talk" or at least part of it, and the debarkation talk, both of which will be listed on the daily program, These are very informative and all the cruise directors do a pretty good job of making it fun. * Note that "shore excursions" should be booked before or as soon as you arrive on the ship. The more popular ones have a tendency to sell out. Some cruise lines will allow you to book "shore excursions" through your TV in your cabin. *Referral Travel Agent purchase Shore excursions from your website, so that YOU receive the Vendors Commission.

lot of that is really up to you! Most ships include a program of their shore excursions with your cruise documents but if not, you will have one in your cabin when you board the ship. Sailing and snorkeling excursions are lots of fun and much easier than trying to arrange them yourself. Some of the islands/ports that are easy to explore on your own (by cab, or even on foot in some places) are: St. Thomas, Grand Cayman, Key West, Freeport, Cozumel, San Juan, Bermuda, Canadian ports especially Quebec City, Grenada and St. Barts, Caribbean Islands, Cozumel/Cancun, Bermuda, Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada. If you're not the real adventurous type, consider a shore excursion in at least one port.

Things have changed in our world today. There is a lot of unrest in many countries and ports of call. I highly recommend that you book your "shore excursions" with a Travel Agent. Especially, if you would like to get more information. Although you may save some money by booking your own shore excursion, please be aware that if you miss your cruise ship because you booked your own shore excursion with an outside company, you are on your own. This can be a very expensive ordeal. Booking passage from any port of call to either fly to the mainland or to meet the ship at the next port of call can be very expensive.

Your cruise documents should arrived with in ten days before your departure date. When they arrive, please check them IMMEDIATELY to be sure they show your correct name, ship, sailing date and cabin number (if you have been assigned a cabin at booking). Also be sure your airline tickets if applicable, are accurate and reflect the correct name transport to the correct port. If you are using the cruise line air program you should also have vouchers for transportation from the airport to the port and back. All document packages should contain luggage tags and many will also include form to fill out for boarding passes, on board credit programs. All of these should be filled out before you leave. Please contact your Travel Agent, once you return to offer feedback It's feedback from clients that helps us assist all of you in making good choices for your cruise vacations!

If you are using the cruise line's transfer program, be sure to check your cruise documents for voucher for transportation from the airport to the pier. When you disembark the plane, look for the Cruise Line Representative in the baggage claim area. They will direct you to the bus or van. If you don't happen to see them right away(and this rarely occurs) just ask a rep from one of the other cruise lines to "point the way"!! Sometimes one person has to meet two planes at once and all the cruise people help each other out at the airport.


1. Things To Do the Day You Leave

  • Turn water heater down to the lowest setting.
  • Turn your air conditioner up in summer. You want to reduce your bills, but you may have to keep the house from getting too hot to protect your pets and electronics.
  • Turn your heat down or off in spring or fall. Be sure to leave the house warm enough in the winter. You may want to reduce your bills, but you may need to keep the house from getting too cold to protect your pets and water pipes.
  • Leave shades or drapes as you normally do.
  • Plug a cheap radio into a timer so you can have some noise in the house during part of the day.
  • Lock all doors and windows including basement & garage.

2. Check Travel Items

  • Passports Tickets Camera Credit Card/Travelers Checks Currency of countries on itinerary Trip Itinerary Reservation Info
  • Misc. Items
    Travel clock Umbrella/rain gear Phone Numbers Cell phone/charger
  • Personal Items
    Shampoo Conditioner Deodorant Toothbrush and Toothpaste Shaving supplies Suntan Lotion Needles and Thread Band aids Prescriptions Aspirin Glasses/contact lenses Sunglasses Cosmetics Comb/Brush Blow dryer Hot iron
  • Clothing Items
    : Suits (one dark for evening) Shirts Pants Ties Sweaters Jacket Belts Shoes (dress and walking) Socks Swimwear T-shirts Pajamas Underwear
    Women: Evening dress Dresses Skirts Blouses Slacks Sweaters Jacket Shoes (dress and walking) Stockings Swimsuit Pajamas Underwear
  • Your Personal List

"The World is a book and those who do not travel read only
one page"
- St. Augustine

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on those accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be
acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's life time"
-Mark Twain

Let me know what you think, leave a comment.

Happy Cruising!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Without a HBB - You Are Overpaying Your Taxes

Young and the middle-aged alike are realizing that their dreams of "having a job with a company forever" is an illusion. Companies have been downsizing, rightsizing and capsizing for some time now, and they continue to do so-more now than ever before. Even the federal and state governments are getting into the act with layoff's and attrition management of jobs. In addition to all this uncertainty and mutual lack of loyalty between companies and employees, even the workers who do keep their jobs have no guarantee of promotions due to the shrinking number of management positions.

If all this isn't bad enough, under recent tax laws employees are limited more than ever with limits and thresholds for their employee deductions and higher social security limits. The result is more couples working harder than ever before and, on many occasions, working more than one job. It is now almost impossible to have only one job in the family and live the standard of life called survival without the need for these additional incomes.There are many reasons why so many people favor Home Based Business (HBB) over the traditional business.

  • There is no commute (unless of course you have a really big home and your office is some 45 seconds away from your bedroom),
  • no boss, little if any chance of lawsuits, much lower overhead, no employees (or very few), and far fewer government restrictions.

In fact, many of the laws within traditional business don't apply to small firms with few or no employees. It is for these reasons, that 95% of home-based businesses succeed in their first year and achieve an average income of $50k per year with many earning much more.

There are two sets of tax laws in this country.

  • One is for employees, and it allows deductions for individual retirement accounts, 401k (s), interest and property taxes on your home and charity.
  • Then there are the laws for home-based business owners who conduct their business either full time or part-time.

With proper documentation, HBB owner can deduct expenses from, their house, their spouse, and even children (by hiring them), their business vacations, their cars, and their food for colleagues. They can also set up a pension plan that makes any government plan seem worthless by comparison.

There are two types of people in this world.

  • Uninformed - They are not aware of the tax savings with having a HBB - It is our responsibility, to help them become Informed
  • Informed - They realize that having a HBB is the last tax shelter, they are not "overpaying on their taxes"


Lisa earned $15,000 in salary as an employee, but took home only $10,500. She could have netted the entire $15,000 had she earned it in a home-based business! This is an increase of almost 30% of her take-home pay as an employee. Note that Lisa is not spending dramatically more money than she is currently spending. She would eat out anyway, go on trips and drive her car the same as before. By having a home-based business however, many of her expenses become tax deductible. This concept is known as "redirecting expenses". With a legitimate HBB, she can now deduct some of the expenses that she is occurring anyway in day to day life.
In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, Congress will subsidize you while you are growing your HBB.

If your home-based business produces a tax loss in the first year or so, you can use that tax loss against any other income you may have. It can be used against wages earned as an employee, dividends, pensions, or interest income or you can use the loss against your spouse's earnings if you file a joint return. If the tax loss exceeds all your income for this year, no problem. You can carry back the loss two years and get a refund from the IRS for up to the last two years of income tax paid, or you can carry over the loss twenty years. You are reading this right, you can off-set up to 20 years of income!

Research has constantly shown that it is rarely the business that determines success or failure. It is usually the business owner. Why does one person succeed and another one fail at the same business? Easy, two simple words, KNOWLEDGE and ACTION. Some people want the benefits of having and running their own business, but they don't take action. The result is that the business fails. Duplicating the strategy and practices of others is a much quicker and effective method of bringing success to this new venture of yours. It is known as Network Marketing, or Modeling.

Network Marketing is simply learning what other successful people have done to achieve success in a specific area of expertise, and then by doing the same thing. With Network Marketing, or modeling, you literally leverage your own learning time, with the collective years of learning - through the experience of your upline, Power Team Leader, or Sponsor. Modeling the success of others saves both time and money and reduces frustration and stress.
Starting your own business is the light at the end of the tunnel, for you and millions of people today. If you have a HBB make sure you are enjoying the main financial advantages. You are the Informed, you made a smart decision. The tax advantages alone can make a home-based business the single best financial move you could ever have made. If you are not a HBB owner Welcome to my Travel Business your complementary decision to your home-based business.

Get a Millionaire Mindset- Improve Tax Awareness

Sometimes, individuals think that doing their own taxes will save them
money. In some cases, they might be right. However, in other cases it may actually end up costing them money because they fail to take advantage of the many deductions available to them.Try to become more educated as far as what types of items are deductible. You should also understand when it makes sense to move away from the standard deduction and start itemizing your return. However, if you're not willing or able to become very well educated filing your own income tax, it may actually pay to hire some help, particularly if you are self employed, own a business or have other circumstances that complicate your tax return.

by Glenn Curtis

Just a few short years ago Mr. Bernard B. Kamoroff, CPA, wrote an amazing book named "422 Tax Deductions For Businesses and Self-Employed Individuals©" It also includes a worksheet. Mr. Kamoroff's work is the secret resource many top independent business persons use to learn what IRS tax deductions – small business tax deductions -- are applicable to them. 422 Tax Deductions will help you calculate the tax savings that you can potentially experience by owning a Home-Based Travel Business or any business. His goal is to help you determine the kind of tax advantages that are available to you as a Home-Business Owner. You will soon see that this represents a RISK FREE investment guaranteed by the tax laws passed by Congress and imposed by the IRS! As a matter of fact this will show you that by joining my company - It Is A Return In Investment. I've learned that the MINIMUM tax exemptions for a Home Based Business Owner is $5,000. Will $5,000 help your family? Sharnese Travel & Cruises represents a group of Travel Professionals not Tax Professionals so we encourage you to consult with a CPA.

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