Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Here's Where To Go For Spring Break '09!

It’s that time of year again - time to start looking into exactly where you'll be spending your week of partying and fun while you take a Spring Break from classes. With a tight economy, you may worry you'll need to change your plans, but luckily, that is not the case. Consider these destinations for Spring Break '09.

Cancun, Mexico

Mention Spring Break and at the top of everyone's list is Cancun. Cancun is a great location for many reasons. Cancun boasts some of the most beautiful beaches and scenery in the world. When it comes to Spring Break, the whole place is one of the most amazing celebrations you'll ever get to enjoy. Mexico is a great place to travel- it's inexpensive, the food is amazing and the weather will delight every fiber of your being. From white sand beaches to amazing sunsets to waters so calm every bit of stress will melt from your mind., Cancun is the ultimate Spring Break destination- and for '09, an affordable destination as well.

Miami, Florida

The beaches, the people, the attractions and the parties in Miami during Spring Break keep people coming back in droves year after year. The nightlife in Miami is a large part of what makes this a fantastic destination for Spring Break for the young and the old. There is, literally, something for everyone and it’s always going on there no matter what you enjoy. Whether you're on Spring Break from college or just going along for the fun, Miami is the "at home" version of getting away.

The U.S. Beaches In Panama

Known for The Panama Canal, but remembered for its beaches, nightlife, volcanoes and overall beauty. Panama, with U.S. beaches is a prime destination for Spring Break. You can spend the day lounging on the beach or wandering through the lush, tropical rain forest. When the sun finally goes down, spend the night dancing to local music and losing yourself in their rich and very unique culture. Panama is a great Spring Break destination, close enough to home to fit your budge.

No matter the destination you choose, any of the ones mentioned here will provide an amazing and unforgettable Spring Break '09 experience for you and your friends and family. Just remember to take your suntan lotion and some cool shades.

Are your travel arrangements done for Spring Break '09? If so, where are you going? How Long? If not, where would you like to travel to?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Aisle 19 -Save Your Money!

Do you shop online? So do I! Well you are going to love what I have to share with you today. is an online savings site and it should be your portal for all your online shopping needs. Through this site, you can directly access some of your favorite online shopping sites and get money back just for signing up! Best of all- it's free!

Yes, I said free! There are no fees or contracts at all. With the economy the way it is, people are spending less and stores are now competing for your business more than ever. Aisle 19 brings all these stores to you, linked through their site and you automatically get a cash back refund on anything you buy.

Some of the stores are very well known like Best Buy or Blockbuster. There are also lesser-known stores who offer crazy cash back bonuses up to 20%! Aisle 19 covers all the costs- and you get to save all the money!

Through this service you can sign up to be notified when certain stores run specials and to remind you of upcoming events like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. You can even customize Aisle 19 to show only those things that interest you and when you go to the website, you get deal listings for individual stores you choose or the types of stores you prefer.

We all buy things for various reasons; why not go about it in a way that will save you even more money? Aisle 19 has partnered up with these stores to bring you the absolute best deals you can find anywhere online. Many places even offer free shipping right to your door. These days, if you can buy something for less, you need to do it and this website does just that for you.

The registration process takes about 30 seconds and then you are in. Customizing takes only about 2 minutes more and then you are all set to get special deals on the main page as well as in your email.

When you click on a store name, you will see a small page that tells you how much your cash back percentage is and then you are redirected to the actual store's website. If you leave the site, be sure to go back in through the Aisle 19 website or your cash back deals won’t work.
To learn more about Aisle 19 and all it has to offer, please watch this video and then register for your account! You're going to love all the savings you find with Aisle 19!

Now go sign up and start saving every time you shop- you won’t regret it!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day is Right Around the Corner- And I Have a Deal For YOU!

It's that time of year again- Valentine's Day is right around the corner! I've got an extra special deal for you, too! Nothing says, "I love you" as beautifully as fresh flowers. I know, everyone says that, but it really is true! When your sweetie opens up that bouquet of fresh, gorgeous flowers and breathes in the scent, she'll know that you have the romantic side that makes her weak!

Here's the special part: When you order your sweetheart flowers you get much more than just a gorgeous bouquet of flowers! First, the flowers are fresh, fragrant and incredibly beautiful! You can choose from a variety of rose bouquets, carnations and other floral treats or you can pick from a choice of valentine gifts that come with adorable extras like stuffed teddy bears, cookies or heart-shaped boxes of all types and sizes and more.

In addition to finding the perfect floral arrangement, when you order your fresh flowers, Flora 2000 have an unprecedented 300% Guarantee on all flower deliveries! If you or your customer is not completely satisfied with your delivery Flora 2000 will:

Send a refund and
Send a replacement and
Send a coupon for 100% off your next order!

You just can’t beat that offer! You will either be completely pleased with your order or they will do everything they can to make sure you are satisfied 100%. How can you go wrong? How could you even consider ordering from anywhere but this Valentine’s Day? We have what you are looking for and so much more!

Our 300% Guarantee is not something we take lightly and neither are the flowers you entrust us to deliver to the one you love. This is a very important day to you, which makes it even more important to us!

Flora 2000 is dedicated to providing the most beautiful, aromatic and most amazing flower displays you’ll find anywhere.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is just a few days away now! The flowers you send have to be perfect, Flora 2000 promise that we can make that happen for you. Head over to and put your order in for the one you love today! If you aren't 100% impressed with their special floral gifts, you can trust in their unbelievable 300% Guarantee!

Happy Valentine' Day- to you from me!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Traveler's Profile

When you are booking travel arrangements online, it can be extremely frustrating having to enter all of your private information into a form repeatedly. Every time you search for a flight, hotel or car rental, you need to start at square one and type in all of your personal information. This can be time-consuming and FRUSTRATING. At, Sharnese Travel & Cruises we have a feature that eliminates all that hassle, making it easier than ever to plan your next trip- introducing The Traveler's Profile.

The Traveler's Profile allows you to create an individualized profile that is securely saved within the system. Each time you return to the site, your profile information is ready and waiting for you, eliminating the need to re-enter all of your personal data. This feature is an added convenience to
Sharnese Travel & Cruises!

The Traveler's Profile stores a wealth of information for you including:
· your name
· addresses and phone numbers
· your passport information
· frequent flyer information
· car rental program data
· hotel guest program information
· itineraries
· payment profiles
· emergency contact information

The convenience of having all this information stored in one place allows you to create your travel plans faster and easier than any other site on the web- and it will keep you coming back to
Sharnese Travel & Cruises for your travel needs.


You can make great use of your
Sharnese Travel & Cruises Traveler's Profile right now with this incredible vacation opportunity! YTB is offering a chance to win a free vacation for two in the Bahamas! Just by visiting Sharnese Travel & Cruises, you can enter to win the Abaco Resort Trip of a Lifetime Sweepstakes!

This sweepstakes is an incredible opportunity to win a trip for two to the Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour in the Bahamas! It includes round-trip airfare from any major US city and extra spending money to spend however you like!

This dream getaway is 4 days and 3 nights of relaxation and fun in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world! You can spend your days soaking up the sun on white sand beaches and your nights painting the town red in this exotic resort area!

How do you feel about our exclusive Traveler's profile? Would you use it or does it matter? Have you been to Abaco Beach Resort? What did you like best? Have you ever won a vacation? Would you like to? Please write a comment or voice comment!

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