Sunday, April 5, 2009

Travel Getaways

The weather is getting nicer and this can only mean one thing – it's time to dust off those clubs and play some golf! There aren’t many places you can go for an amazing golf vacation than Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head Island, SC. These two places seem as if they were created specifically for amazing golf courses!

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a golfer’s dream come true! There are 9, count them 9 “Prime Time Signature” courses. There’s Kings North, Long Bay, Waterway Hills, Aberdeen Country Club, Litchfield Country Club, River Club, Willbrook Plantation and the Southcreek and West courses at Myrtle Beach National. You can stay a week, play one a day and still have missed two. The toughest part of your vacation will be deciding which course to try next!

For those who don’t play golf, there are great things to do in Myrtle Beach for the whole family. First off, the beautiful beaches here are pristine with plenty of things for the kids to see and do. Let the kids play as you relax on the beach in front of the beautiful ocean waves. Speaking of the ocean - the deep-sea fishing off the coast is full of excitement and makes for an exciting adventure everyone is sure to love!

Once the sun goes down, Myrtle Beach comes to life in a whole different way. Featuring shows for the whole family, great local bands playing live every night and dance clubs where you’ll dance till you can’t move anymore. Myrtle Beach really does have something for everyone!
Not to be outdone, Hilton Head, SC has more golf courses that you can shake a club at! Check out the Sea Pines Resort, Hilton Head National, Island West Golf, Rose Hill Golf Course and The Heritage Collection of Courses – which features six more world-class courses. It’s as if Hilton Head Island was made for golf and nothing else.

But wait! There’s more to Hilton Head than amazing golf courses everywhere you turn. This island is home to over 250 restaurants, grills, pubs and other eateries. Don’t let all the courses distract you from the culinary delights sprinkled all over this beautiful island or you’ve missed something truly special.

Since Hilton Head is an island, there are beaches all around you. What’s the point of going to an island if you aren’t going to spend some time at the beach? No matter which way you head, keep going and you’ll see the beauty and grandeur of the beaches of Hilton Head Island.

Don’t forget to bring your sea legs with you when you head to Hilton Head Island. The fishing and water sports here are activities you don’t want to miss. Deep-sea fishing, motor boating, swimming, surfing and water skiing are only a few of the adventures awaiting you on Hilton Head Island.

Have you been to South Carolina? Where was the last place you visited?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

El Cinco De Mayo!

El Cinco De Mayo! If you are planning a trip to Mexico or if you just don’t want to miss this party, we have some great packages to get you there on the cheap! Mexico is a glorious destination packed with beautiful vistas, entertaining places and some of the nicest people you’ll meet anywhere in the world.

Cancun, Mexico is as perfect as you can get for a quick getaway from the stress and rush of day-to-day life. While the stunning blue lagoons with their tequila bars are more than enough reason to spend some time here, you can’t miss the local late night scene that is alive and kicking constantly.

Getting around in Cancun is made easy with their superb bus service, which can take you from those idyllic beaches to a thriving market community. Once there, you won't need to worry about getting hungry with all the local eateries covering the landscape. You can also check out some of the outstanding outdoor markets selling an incredible array of handmade wares.

One place you don’t want to miss is Xcaret - it’s amazing! During the day, it’s a fun filled water park where you can swim with dolphins or go snorkeling in a crystal clear underground river. At night, Xcaret features dinner with a show filled with Mexican music and dance featuring a fiery version of hockey that makes standard hockey seem calm and relaxing.

Mayan Rivers
The ancient Mayan civilization may be gone, but the people left behind unbelievable architecture in the form of the Mayan Pyramids. If you want a more laid back Mexican experience, there’s no better place than here. South of Cancun to Tulum, there’s a stretch of beach so pristine and beautiful the relaxation will take over your mind and body much like the waves of the ocean.
The beaches here received an extra boost of sand from Hurricane Wilma, which means there’s just more to love about this destination. Compared to Cancun, the Riviera Maya is very laid back and quiet. The hotels in this area are spread further apart and meant to be a destination of their own without the need of other locations.

If you never leave the hotel while you are here, you’ll still get everything you could imagine from a visit to the Riviera Maya. We suggest you pry yourself away from the tequila long enough to visit some of the ruins in Tulum to see something truly breathtaking. The vistas from this area are postcard perfect and the beaches are relaxing with crystal clear water in reach.

If you are planning to head to Mexico around late April or in May, you would be crazy to miss the el Cinco de Mayo celebrations. It’s as if the country comes to a halt to throw one of the most incredible parties you’ll find anywhere in the world! The 5th of May marks the date when Mexico was finally free of their foreign occupiers. This is a party you do not want to miss! Book your trip to Cancun or the Riviera Maya today!