Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Aisle 19 -Save Your Money!

Do you shop online? So do I! Well you are going to love what I have to share with you today. is an online savings site and it should be your portal for all your online shopping needs. Through this site, you can directly access some of your favorite online shopping sites and get money back just for signing up! Best of all- it's free!

Yes, I said free! There are no fees or contracts at all. With the economy the way it is, people are spending less and stores are now competing for your business more than ever. Aisle 19 brings all these stores to you, linked through their site and you automatically get a cash back refund on anything you buy.

Some of the stores are very well known like Best Buy or Blockbuster. There are also lesser-known stores who offer crazy cash back bonuses up to 20%! Aisle 19 covers all the costs- and you get to save all the money!

Through this service you can sign up to be notified when certain stores run specials and to remind you of upcoming events like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. You can even customize Aisle 19 to show only those things that interest you and when you go to the website, you get deal listings for individual stores you choose or the types of stores you prefer.

We all buy things for various reasons; why not go about it in a way that will save you even more money? Aisle 19 has partnered up with these stores to bring you the absolute best deals you can find anywhere online. Many places even offer free shipping right to your door. These days, if you can buy something for less, you need to do it and this website does just that for you.

The registration process takes about 30 seconds and then you are in. Customizing takes only about 2 minutes more and then you are all set to get special deals on the main page as well as in your email.

When you click on a store name, you will see a small page that tells you how much your cash back percentage is and then you are redirected to the actual store's website. If you leave the site, be sure to go back in through the Aisle 19 website or your cash back deals won’t work.
To learn more about Aisle 19 and all it has to offer, please watch this video and then register for your account! You're going to love all the savings you find with Aisle 19!

Now go sign up and start saving every time you shop- you won’t regret it!

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