Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cruise to Your Honeymoon or Anniversary Dream Come True

Your wedding and the honeymoon after is one of the most important times in your entire life. Few other occasions are the cause of so much planning and anticipation. In fact, because the wedding day is so special, we take the time to celebrate it every year for the rest of the marriage. Deciding where to go on your honeymoon is exciting, but it can be a source of stress as well. Trying to find the perfect destination, yet one that works within your budget can cause stress for even the happiest of couples. For the perfect honeymoon idea (or a great way to celebrate your anniversary, Sharnese Travel comes to the rescue.

One great way to create a memorable honeymoon is by taking a romantic cruise. Not only do you get the fun and excitement of being on a small floating city, you can explore new and exciting ports all over the world. This type of honeymoon is bound to create a lifetime of amazing memories and experiences you’ll never forget.

There are so many built-in advantages to taking a cruise, including enjoying all the amazing sites -especially the ocean in all its beauty at sunrise and sunset (and every moment in between) while never having to move from place to place. You don’t have to be concerned with where when to eat - there’s always food on a cruise - and every night on a cruise liner is something new and different! You can see all sorts of shows and live entertainment - including some that rival the best of Broadway.

Aside from all the great amenities and things to do fore every passenger, cruise lines love having honeymooners on their trips. They’ll go out of their way to make sure your trip is especially memorable (which is exactly what your honeymoon should be!). In fact, cruising is also the perfect way to celebrate your anniversary as well!

Imagine setting sail on a cruise for an anniversary trip - what a great way to recapture the romance and adventure of your honeymoon all over again - reliving one of the greatest times of your life can be an adventure in itself!

Traveling on a cruise ship is an amazing way to vacation! Everything you could ever need all in one inclusive package. Your tastes may have changed some since you were first married but that only opens up a whole new set of sights, sounds and tastes to enjoy and savor on an anniversary cruise.

Just like a honeymoon, celebrating your anniversary on a cruise ship is a VIP event to the staff and crew of the ship. Cruise ships specialize in love and romance and the staff will go out of their way to make sure you receive just the right mix of special attention and romantic privacy.
Whether you are booking your honeymoon or re-capturing the romance for your anniversary, why not book a cruise today? Your own love boat is waiting!

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