Wednesday, October 22, 2008

News From The Directors Meeting

Many of you know that there was a Directors meeting at the Home Office this past Monday and Tuesday, and we wanted to take the time share with you some of the key points that were shared with us. YTB has been challenged, changed, & we are now charging. We've been challenged by critics, news media, and the internet.

It may not surprise you that the situation in California has actually made YTB a better company. We've made what looked like a lemon in August and turned it into some very cool lemonade. YTB looked at everything we do as a company for the last 3 months to make it bulletproof for our futures, many decisions were made for the framework of what you've already seen in our First Class Training and will see in the days and weeks to come with some of the new features and tools that will be rolled out in the coming days, weeks and months.

Up to now, we've done a good job of selling the REP opportunity, but not the RTA opportunity and that changes today. YTB is making a clear & separate distinction between the 2 positions in our company and have already seen a greater focus on the RTA side of our business. If you have not taken the First Class Training as yet, we encourage you to do so, and you will see a very clear distinction in our focus on being either an Affiliate, and RTA, and our upcoming opportunity to drop the "R" and become a Travel Agent with YTB.

A brand new 19 minute DVD was unveiled about what a person is buying as an affiliate. The main focus is why our product is worth buying and makes it a real business. ($50 for 50 or $1 per DVD) You'll take a 10 minute break, then play a 10 minute Marketing DVD, and all you have to do is close. The DVD will be available by the end of this week in the back office and there will also be a PowerPoint version for those who like to do live presentations.

In addition we have a brand new incentive for those who want to book travel! You all know about the $5000 bonus for you as a Power Team Leader, but what about adding a $5000 bonus for the person who actually produced the bookings? There will be a 10 minute "Flash Presentation" by end of week (replaces presentation on website) which of course is produced by James Tackett.

We are now up to a 94% delivery rate on ATM last 2 months, with the new profiles that will be available the ATM will be customized by zip code. (It's called Target Marketing!) We encourage everyone to get people signed up on the Deals and Steals marketing program and watch how this marketing increases your travel bookings. Furthermore, to entice your friends, family and friends they can enter into a Monthly Sweepstakes for incredible trips. The beta testing is also going very well in Canada. The new Booking Engine rolling out in next 2-3 weeks here in the US and YTB Exclusive Deals to be huge in the future. James Tackett our new Marketing Chief also introduced things to come:

Video that teaches a new person "what they bought"
Have a "Carnival Type Night" sale promotion Every Month
Virtual Red Carpet
Video Welcome to The RiverHouse
Monthly Travel Show - Travel Channel Style
Compensation Plan Flash Video
Director Showcase featuring different Directors
Niche market Flash Videos
$6000 Guarantee Video
3rd Party Tax Video
Profiles on Successful Travel Heroes in our business

There is so much going on behind the scenes - Treat this like Its your FIRST DAY. YTB IS going down - DOWN IN HISTORY as the best Marketing and Travel Company in the history of Network Marketing! We'll be here long after all the others are gone! The economy is perfect for us! YTB has invested $30 million in last 30 months, & OUTSIDE ALL PROBLEMS, that we don't owe a dime on! YTB has paid out $17 Million to Directors so far and we've double our travel production with Carnival this year. We are still growing and moving forward, with or without you. It's a brand new day at YTB! We know WHAT to do. We just need to refocus & GO DO IT! Start over Every Monday Morning!


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