Tuesday, December 16, 2008

10 Ways To Market Your Business

Imagine that you recently started your business, how are you going to get your products to the market? Who knows about your business? You, your spouse and God. Most business fail within the first five years because of little or no marketing.

I strongly suggest that when you start a business, write a list of methods to use to market your business. Narrow it down to two methods that you are comfortable with, and another method that you are not. Yes, you will need to get out of your comfort zone, try a method that you are uncomfortable with. I suggest that you use three to five methods during the first year, and every year thereafter incorporate another method to market your business. Once you've made it to the fifth year, you will have at least seven methods to use for your marketing campaigns. Marketing is crucial for any business.

Here are ten methods I am currently using to market my business
  1. Word of Mouth
  2. Blogging
  3. Voice blogging
  4. Placing online ads
  5. Member of Social sites
  6. Exchanging Business cards
  7. Hosting House Parties
  8. Email Campaigns
  9. Attending the Big events
  10. Requesting Referrals

I receive tons of emails asking me how I made it to the different postitions in my business, now you have a list! Choose two methods and master them, then move forward. Try the free methods first, but quickly invest in your business. If you are on the go, use the word of mouth method and exchange business cards. Passing out your business cards, will not drive traffic to your sites or bring you business. However, when you exchange business cards your are opening the door for communication with your prospect or customer.

Albeit, if you outsource your work you will become more productive. Outsourcing is essential to your business, it allows you to focus on the desired results. My friend, I know what you're thinking..."I do not have the money to outsource." When you attended college, did you invest in books, education? Invest in your business and educating yourself about your business. Imagine that someone is doing all the work for you, while you are spending time on taking your business to the next level. What would outsourcing do for your business? It will help you become more productive, and make more money. Yes, you should outsource all or most of the marketing methods whether you are on the go or work at home mom.

Here is the newest method I am using, voice blogging. Snapvine brings voice and mobility to social networks. Using the Snapvine Voice Player, Voice Blog, or Talking Photo, users are able to safely communicate -- in their own voices -- with their online communities. Once, you've decided on a Topic it's simple, takes only five minutes a day to set up and maybe five minutes to draw traffic. It allows you to connect with your prospects/customers. First set up a application such as http://www.ping.fm/ Ping.fm is a simple service that makes updating your social networks a snap. Try it set up your accounts today, and market your business. I will discuss the do and don'ts to marketing your business in upcoming post. Until then, get your marketing plan together, set up your accounts, and do not wave the flag of your company. Focus on marketing yourself first, and helping others.

While marketing your business remember to give great content, offer value, drive traffic, and monetize last. Do not try and sell your products first, it does not work online or offline. Think about the last time you had buyers remorse, or how you were sold on something you really did not need or want? Find out your prospects/customers needs and wants. Although, there are many methods to use in marketing your business, start planning now. What marketing methods are you using, or will start using and why? Please leave a comment. Happy marketing!

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  1. Thanks for your article. I'm just considering taking the plunge to get a VA and am petrified for some reason.

    As far as marketing methods, I use many of the ones you do. I also participate on online forums and email lists in my niche, network with other small biz owners within and outside my niche, build my referral network of professionals who serve my niche but don't do the same job I do, and write articles.

    Do what you can to be regarded as an expert in your niche, and you will gain the trust of others. I really like your quote: "give great content, offer value, drive traffic and monetize last", and agree with finding out what your prospects/customers need and want.



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