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Finally, Targeted Internet Advertising by Zip Code and Interest Level

What is Local Ad Link?

The easiest and most affordable way to connect Local Business with Local Consumers. It is affordable and a local solution to the online marketplace. Lets face it, for the small business owner, home based business owner the advertising marketplace has changed. We have the solution and you can profit being first to market with this new technology. Go to any search engine type in "Manhattan travel" If Jamie entered your zip code for his campaign, he will get all the traffic, and customers in your area. If you do not see Jamie ad, he is not dominating your area so therefore you are ahead. Make a decision, to get ahead of your competition now! Log onto who do you see? Your local business that have already began to advertise through Local Ad Link.

Many local business may have a website, but most have no clue how to generate traffic to it. Most business will fail because of little or no advertising. We provide the solution to the problem for millions of small businesses, home based business owners by giving them a web presence at half the cost with more power and features. We will provide you with all of the information you need to make an educated decision. Don't wait to launch your Local Ad Link business; it could be the most important financial decision that you make in your lifetime. Start with the videos below then review the links above and get back with us so we can show you how this can change the way you advertise in a big positive way.

Watch Local Ad Link in Action

What Makes Us Different?

  • We provide you with a complete mini website. Not only with complete Business Details, but with Google map driving directions, Coupons, Pictures and even Video.
  • We host it on
  • We Geo-Target your listing by Zip Code and Interest Level of the viewer.
  • We then Push your ad out to over 150 of Highest Traffic Websites like Cnn, Youtube, Myspace, Gmail, FaceBook and the like.
  • We also get you up very high on 109 search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, and Msn
  • Coming Soon: your ad will be seen on Millions of sites because of our e-commerce solution with I-Supply.

What would it cost you to advertise on the most popular, and high traffic websites?

  • With our Geo-Targeting of zip codes and Interest level you can now be seen on websites that your customers are viewing.
  • Keywords on the page are correlated to the keywords in your ad.
    The relevant Local Ads are displayed on your future customers browser.

Would you like to be on the top of the Search engines?

  • We push your Ad out to all 109+ search engines.
  • We link all Ads back to Local Ad Link so you share in the popularity of our whole Ad Network so you get very high placement and usually the first page.
  • Others are currently paying hundreds and some, thousands of dollars for this on just one search engine like Google

How does it work?
Local Ad Link uses geo-targeting technology which determines the physical location of a web site visitor and delivers different content to that visitor based on his or her location.

Local Ad Link and The Internet
The revolutionary part of LocalAdLink is that we take your business listing and push it out onto the web. What does this mean for you? Well, we're not just sitting back and waiting for people to visit LocalAdLink, we are pro-actively pushing your listing out through our partner web sites. Your listing can be seen on some of the most popular web sites, search engines, and social networks in America. Some of these include Goggle, Yahoo, MSN, AOL,, Earth link, YouTube, GMAIL,, Napster,, Redbook,,, MySpace, LinkedIn, Friendster, Bebo, Hi5, Orkut, MiGente and BOOMj. But the best part is by using our geo-targeting software, your ad is only shown to people in your area which ensures you get the most value for your advertising dollar.

How Do I Get Started?
Be the first in your area and maximize your website traffic! Click on "Get In Now" Much success to you! I commend you for marketing your business.

Start 2009 with marketing your business the right way. I would love to read your thoughts, leave a comment.

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