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How To Market To A Broader Audience

As a Travel agent, one would rather sell one on one with a "qualified client" however, this is not always practical and, does not allow you the chance to prospect. Additionally pitching to a broader audience opens the doors for more potential leads. You may want to consider Direct Mail Marketing, also known as Direct-response marketing it is one of the most effective ways to solicit existing and potential clients. Direct communication can be as simple as mailing a postcard or as elaborate as a mailing package.

Below are the statistics from the U.S Postal Service
  • 55% Look forward for their mail
  • 56% of adults say that receiving mail is a pleasure
  • 67% Feels as though mail is still more personal than the Internet.
  • 98% of Consumers bring in their mail, the day its delivered.
  • 77% Sort through their mail immediately

Compared to other Media, Mail connects to the individual on a personal level

  • Mail gets your message in your clients hands
  • Mail takes you to the person in charge
  • Mail boast a loyal readership
  • Useful mail performs distinct tasks

On any given day, our clients can take their business else where. You want to stand out above the rest, and market differently. Direct Mail will help you communicate effectively and retain your clients. Use a database/Customer Relationship Manager such as TRAMS Client Base. This will allow you to collect valuable information about your clients. You can also use the data to target or segment your mailings. Database Marketing will save you money and boost your results. You can match your clients based on age, destination, income etc. Most suppliers offer significant resources to assist your promotions including Collateral Customizer and Reprinted material.

Below are examples of Direct Mail Communication

  • Postcards- quick, enticing way to get the phone to ring
  • Endorsement letter with brochure- If written well, can be very effective
  • Shells: Great for specific information, allows for customization
  • Supplier brochures, letterheads etc. (not as personal)
  • Newsletter-Should be considered as regular communication
  • Fliers- Quick, and easy (not as effective)

Consider mail that you receive. If it does not catch your interest, most likely its tossed in the wastebasket. If its intriguing, or personal you open it quickly. Most suppliers/vendors offer customizers. You can design, print, redistribute most of your Direct Marketing Mail with ready made templates. Some are free, others may charge a small fee.

If you decide to use Direct Mail, keep these four core objectives in mind
  1. Personalize to "get it opened"
  2. Attract their interest with a bold message..."to get it read"
  3. Keep the message clear..."to make it understood"
  4. Use a clear call to action..."to drive the client to you"

Accomplishing, these goals is the essence of successful direct-response marketing.

Analyze your Promotion. Make a record of your mailing details

  • Mailing and Production cost
  • Promotion Profits
  • Number of pieces mailed
  • Client list selection criteria

This information will help you compute the Return On Investment (ROI). Your promotion profit divided by promotion cost. The higher the ROI, the more effective your promotion was. It helps you determine what you learned so that you can apply it to your future mailings.


  • Direct your letter to the woman of the household. Women mainly makes the vacation decisions.
  • First class mailings, stagger mail over several days to handle the responses promptly.
  • Best times to promote depends on destination (Contact District Sales Manager of the supplier/vendor for further assistance)

Leave a comment, tell me what other ways are you using to market your business?

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