Friday, November 7, 2008

Resources for Travel Agents and Customers

My friend, did you know that we have other resources that we can use to expand or enhance our YTB Business? Yes! besides the awesome benefits, training, and products that comes with your business, you will be able to benefit other travel related resources. Below are a just a few, and more to come. Please subscribe, follow or comment on this blog. Make sure to check for more updates in the future. I am constantly researching for ways that we can become a Better RTA.

1. - Tripology matches customers with travel specialists who can plan and book their vacation!

Here's how it works for the Customer: Tell Tripology about the kind of trip they want to take. Review and submit their request. Within just a few days, Tripology will put the customer in touch with 3 travel specialists.

Benefits of Using Tripology Specialists:
Tripology connect customers with real people who can help you
They inform them that Travel Agents have been where they want to go
Tripology offers personalized service and support
Tripology offers great value at no extra cost

Here's how it works for the Travel Agent: Create- detail your areas of expertise. I hear you saying "Sharnese, I am not a expert!" I suggest, that you decide what area you would like to become a expert in, such as Alaska. Visit the Vendors Site, take the online trainings and get your certificates and or accreditation's. Learn and Earn as you Go! Customize- Tell who your ideal client is. You can decide to choose clients who want to travel somewhere that interest you or one that you have experience in such as, Sandals Resorts, Europe, NY, Eastern Caribbean Cruises, River Cruises. This will help you learn, and become more experienced and a possibly an expert! Click- Get leads from high-intent travelers.

2. - Training, Resources, and members savings.
3. Travel Agents have a chance to win one of 5 Sandals or Beaches trips.

Below is a Testimony from a YTB Agent, on my team. Read it and click on the links, and explore


We would like to share this information with you, so that you can perhaps share it with the members of your team. Just another one of the amazing "Industry Perks" that we have received since joining YTB. Gloria and I are so happy to inform you that we have completed the One Source Academy, Princess Cruise Course.

We signed up for FREE and started taking the 25 hour online study course. We stayed with it, in our spare time for about 3 or 4 days, working our way up the ranks as we went along. Each subject was followed by a 20 question quiz, which was not really hard, as long as you take take good notes. Upon completion, we then took a 50 question final exam, which put us at Commodore Level.

Subsequent to getting that status, we were offered A FREE CRUISE FOR TWO! The offer is valid and does not expire until we actually take the trip. We checked out the upcoming available trips and we couldn't believe our eyes. The trips ranged from 12 to 21 days, depending on the destination. The destinations were Europe, South America, Panama Canal, Asia and Alaska. and were normally very expensive. All that we need to do is keep checking the site until we find a cruise that suits our schedule, whether it is this week, or 2 years from now. NOT A BAD PAYOUT FOR 25 HOURS OF OUR LIFE!

We hope that all of your current and future members opt to take this course as we have. Next it's on to the Cunard Cruise lines Course, which offers the same exact program. ANOTHER 25 HOURS WELL SPENT, I'M SURE!

Joe & Gloria Gallo YTB RTA/REP

I must say that this lovely couple, Joe and Gloria have inspired me to do the same! They are truly a inspiration to me and our team! We appreciate them for all that they do. See you at the top Joe and Gloria!

I will add more online travel training resources within the next 48 hours. So come back and visit, real soon!

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