Friday, January 9, 2009

Twitter By The Sea Itinerary Is Here!

I am flat out excited to announce our First Twitter Cruise! We will Cruise to Ocho Rios, Jamaica & Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands for 5 Days and 5 Nights, August 29 -September 3, 2009! This will be a FUN filled, networking, learning adventure for all us (told you we were going to have fun in 2009;-). Our first Twitter Cruise will be a sneak peak of the Annual Cruises. Each Category will have it's own Themed Cruise going forward.

We hope that you would want to attend, participate, or help sponsor the event. The Topics are Blogging, WAHM, Social Media & Network Marketing. Going forward, we will hold 3 Cruises annually. One Cruise for Bloggers Cruise, WAHM Cruise, Social Media & Network Marketing Cruise. Deposits start at $25.00 per person for Inside, Ocean, Balcony view. Suite, Triples, Quads, deposits are $200.00 per person. Deposits are due February 26, 2009.
You can reference for updates. Please, pardon our appearance, we are working on both the website and blog for Twitter By The Sea. Thanks for your patience.

Book Now!
  1. Click on the link
  2. Click on Group tab
  3. Scroll down to "1st Twitter By The Sea" and click on the link

You can shop and compare for your airfare and any other travel related products !

Going forward I will share tips with you, to make your experience the best travel experience ever!
  1. First Time Cruising
  2. Experience Cruisers
  3. On-Board Fun
  4. On-Board Program
  5. Speakers Profiles & Topics
  6. Fun-Pass (Quick Check-In)
  7. Documents needed (Passport will be needed)
  8. Travel Wear
  9. Camping Carnival (Baby sitting service)
  10. Highlights of our Destination - Ocho Rios, Jamaica & Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
  11. How to win Cabin Credits for future Cruises

Bringing a Guest or Sharing Cabins?

There can be up to 4 passengers per Cabin. Credit card will NOT be charged until the 1st deposit date, which is always posted on the registration page. Everyone in that triple or quad cabin will be paying the same amount. We will formulates the rates of the triple and quad cabins by adding the 1st & 2nd guest rate to the 3rd & 4th guest rate then dividing by 3 or 4 people, so that everyone sharing a cabin will have the same rate. We will post the correct rates on the website for all the cabin types. 3rd & 4th passenger rates are $90.00 plus Non commissionable fares, Taxes, and Gratuities. Book Now! Cabins will sell out!

Are you a US Citizen?

When you log onto the website to register, I strongly advise that you let us know if you are a US citizens are not. There is a place at the end of the registration process where they can type notes. Please enter this info there. This will be very helpful info to the cruiseline as well. If the cruiseline assumes that a passenger is a US citizen, and you are not, you will be denied boarding. This is a security matter and it is strictly enforced by every cruiseline.

Book the correct cabin type

If you make a mistake and book the wrong cabin type, you will have to redo the whole registration process. This means that if there are only two passengers traveling you must book into a double cabin space and not a triple cabin space just in case you friend may want to go. It must be exact based on their needs. The cruiseline does not allow TBAs (Name to be announced later). It must be the legal given name for each guest or the entire cabin will be cancelled. There is to be NO duplications of the same name, everyone who will occupy a bed in a cabin must use their legal name on the registration page.

Under the age of 21

Any child who is under the age of 21 must have a paying adult booked in the same cabin who is over the age of 25. This does vary from cruiseline to cruiseline, so please always check the line you are sailing on for updates and rules on this issue. Any child who is traveling with someone other than a parent or legal guardian they must have a permission slip from the absent parents stating that they are aware that their child is traveling with someone other than a parent or legal guardian. This permission slip must be signed by the absent parents/parent and "notarized". This would include a minor child traveling with a father or mother who are divorced or grandparents. They must have permission from the absent parent for the child to travel with the other parent. Should the cruiseline ask for this permission slip and no one has the notarized letter of permission the cruiseline can deny boarding of that minor.

Travel Insurance Insurance is optional but strongly recommended.

All deposits and payments are refundable before June 1, 2009.

All Cabin changes, and refund request need to be made to me via email:

All emails must include the group name and sailing date in the subject line. Please include Passenger Full contact information and cabin confirmation number and the changes you would like made.

Can't wait to meet you there!

Book Now! Deposits are $0, First Payment due April 29, 2009

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