Monday, January 5, 2009

Are We Having FUN Yet?

I promised that 2009 would be our year right? Well, one of my resolutions was to write more (at least 2-3 times a week) and create valuable content for my readers. So far, I am writing my third post for 2009. Yippee! I hope you find this post a little more entertaining that the others. My first New Years Resolution, was to start having FUN! So let's do it!

My friend, ever since I was 7 years old I wanted to help people. Yup. I was only 7 and knew that I would be helping others during my lifetime. I enjoy it! Sometimes, you wonder if while helping people if they are listening. I've decided that I am only the messenger, it's up to the individual to take action. Well, who am I? Robert Kiyosaki & Donald Trump are also messengers, and most people ignore them (lol).

I received a phone call today from a "fishing prospect" Yup. I said it she was fishing. I later learned that she was comparing companies. She started off by inquiring about my Company
$6, 000 Guarantee, she was interested in a part time job but couldn't imagine working for a total of twelve hours a day. I gave her the resources to review, and she insisted that I tell her ALL about it. Well, I decided to keep it simple. I shared with her how the guarantee was based on activity, not productivity and would pay her on average $500.00 a month. I went on to explain the activity process, she would need to pass out 1 magazine five days a week for 12 consecutive months, get the prospect contact information and follow up to ask what he/she liked best about the magazine. She gasped "I can't ask for people contact information!" I went on to explain that she will need to enter the information in a database, so the company can keep track and reward her for following the magazine program.

She began to complain that five minutes of her day was way too much time to earn $500 a month! ( I wanted to suggest that she get a job at McDonald's or Walmart) It was at that moment, I knew that she didn't understand how money works. I asked her which would she prefer to work an extra four hours to earn $20 or pass out one magazine on way home from work, to earn $20.

She started to say that she would make more than $20 a day working part time for someone else. I sat back and asked her if she would prepare lunch/dinner during the time she would work? How many miles/gas she was willing to drive? Asked her if she was tax exempt? She immediately stated that she understood where I was going. You see there is no need to attack people, if you take the time to paint a visual, your prospects will eventually take the time to hear you out. She finally understood that she would spend more time trying to make a measly extra
$500 a month if she choose any other route. She went on to share with me how she was not happy with her current business. I listened, and when needed shared resources to help her with her business.

Albeit, she called me back within the hour, asking how can she
get started? She appreciated the time I took to answer her questions, share resources to help her current business, and helping her understand the $6,000 Guarantee. Well, the rest is history. I want you to know that I had FUN sharing resources with her, and I found her questions (and rebuttals) very entertaining. It didn't feel like WORK, because I knew that I would be helping her. That's what matters to me!

Make sure that when you are sharing information that you are having FUN. Do not talk to a prospect, thinking by the end of this call she/he is signing up! Take the time to answer questions, give resources, and build relationships. If you feel the need to get a expert or more seasoned Partner on the call, then advise your prospect that you will three-way him/her to assure that you get her questions answered right away. I learned a long time ago, that you should tell your upline/partner story until you've created your story. Here's to creating your story & having FUN while doing it!

I would like to learn how you are having fun working your business? Leave a comment!

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