Friday, January 2, 2009

You Are Bad For Business

Did I get your attention? Good! You may want to know about what's revolutionizing the internet. It has definitely changed the way me, and my Business partners advertise our business online. Watch Local Ad Link in Action

And it hits you like a punch in the jaw.

What if THE ONLY THING holding you back from the life you want, the only barrier to your business being TWICE as successful...

What if it was YOU?

Not technology, not the economy, not the market, not the product, service, system or site.

Just YOU. (But hold on, it's not all bad news...)

How Do I Get Started?. If you are NOT advertising your business, you do not have a business. I don't think I'd ever believe that, but it's true. I always relied on word of mouth, until someone broke the chain. Network Marketers would probably agree with me. Who knows about your business? God & your spouse? See for yourself how these people solved the "YOU" problem in their businesses....

WARNING: This may not make much sense if you didn't see the first video. Watch Local Ad Link in Action

Can you imagine, as you look into 2009 - even in these troubled economic times - can you imagine seeing Massive Profit Growth for Your Business just because you choose to do something different, such as give your online business a online presence?

Once you
Watch Local Ad Link in Action you just might...

But I WARN you. Once you watch it, you might be left with a terrible feeling that you've been holding yourself back. But be sure you watch it all the way to the end, and you'll be left with a much, much better feeling about your business future.

P.S. Don't forget that you no longer need to worry about PPC (pay per click) and you WILL dominate the search engines (Ssshh! Don't tell anyone I said that!)
How Do I Get Started?

P.S. Need proof? go to any search engines type in "manhattan travel, travel or cruises" Do you see James Bonanno as #1 or 2? He past Expedia,Travelocity ( just to name a few). If so, he is and will be taking YOUR customers and prospects. If not, it means you are ahead of the competition because he has not used the zip codes in your area.

P.S. Now, let me get started and place my own ads, so that I can share my testimony with you as soon as next week! Until then leave a comment. I would love to know your thoughts on this revolutionary way of advertising online.

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