Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ssshh! Here Are The Secrets For MLM

Did I got your attention? There ARE no secrets, so you can read another post. Or you can continue to read the techniques that I used to attract other Network Marketers in my business. I've been introduced to this Industry 18 years ago. I immediately understood that I wanted to be in business for myself with little overhead. I immediately understood that I can create Financial Freedom, through helping others join my business. At the time, I thought it was based on how many people I can put into my business, and how many products I could sell. Thank God for Mike Dilliard, Mark Yarnell, Tim Sales, Charlie Howe just to name a few that have shared their techniques, strategies, struggles, and success.

Wait! Do not Give up!
My friend, do find yourself thinking that there is a secret or puzzle to MLM? There are no secrets. You must be willing to out do everyone around you in giving. Here is why your upline tells you to keep going, do not give up. There are people that you must meet to get you to the next step or put you on the right path for your business. Such as, Mike Dilliard, your neighbor, your online buddy. Although not everyone is meant for you to add to your list. You must identify those that are serious about helping you and those who are just trying to simply make a Fast Start Bonus, commission off of signing you up for their business.

Here is what you thought was the secret!

To be successful in this industry, you need to build relationships, give away resources, help others with their wants and needs. Let me explain how you can be successful without spending money! I'll give you two of my latest scenarios.

One of my favorite Social sites is I am on the site for at least two hours throughout the day peaking interest, getting to know people and tweeting resources. Recently, I responded to someone who wanted to plan a Bloggers Cruise. Since Travel is my business I immediately jumped in to help. Today, that opportunity lead to a niche for my business. I found my niche! I help people plan their events on Cruises. This is how Twitter By The Sea came about. What does that mean? More customers booking travel, and more travel stores sold. Yes, I now have new business partners and customers simply because I kept going. I also became a conversationalist specialist. My eyes & ears are open for any and all opportunities that will expand, compliment or enhance my business. I learned how to fulfill the prospects wants and needs.

The latest scenario, I offered some resources to help someone with their business. Since, I've helped them with their wants and needs they are now a part of my list and my team. Yup. You need to start creating your list NOW!
MLM, Network Marketing, Our Industry is not about putting people in your business. It's about helping others with their wants and needs. Sometimes, your business may fit their want and needs. Here's what I suggest, gather resources that can help everybody in this industry and get them on your list right away! Ten years from now, and you just happen to find what everybody is looking for...You can pick up your list and get everybody involved. Not because, you found "it" but, because of the relationships you built and the people you helped along the way.

How many resources can you offer to help others? Okay, now give away as many as you can and build your list! That's the secret! Much success to you and your family!

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